Justice and Stylez


Genres: Ass-Eating ,Black-Only ,Foot Fetish ,Gay ,Raw/Bareback
Video language: English

As the host of a recent "truth or dare" game that ultimately led to justice being tag-teamed by three other players, stylez was both shocked and turned on to see just how far justice has come since they last worked together almost two years ago. Only justice’s second scene at that time, he was obviously curious but also nervous and new to the whole bisexual thing, and still pretty limited in what he was willing to do.  But oh, what a difference almost two years can make here at bba! Over the past year especially, justice has evolved into one of our most passionate and verbal versatile performers, and stylez was eager to experience firsthand all of the things he missed out on in their prior encounter. In a sexy reversal of that first scene, justice catches stylez stroking his dick while watching one of justice’s recent bottoming scenes on his laptop. Enjoy another much-requested "reunion" as stylez discovers for himself just how much justice’s confidence and skills have improved and expanded over the past couple years, ultimately leading to him finally sampling that hairy muscle-butt he was only allowed to taste the last time around. Based on justice’s exclamations and moans throughout an aggressive yet passionate drilling he submits to from stylez, i think it’s fair to say that both guys have wanted this "sequel" for awhile, and find it to be well "worth the wait"!.

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