Jared Stud Returns vol. 9


Our rubber-clad red-head continues to fuck lanky muscle-boy Jared with the knife-like punishment dildo – shoving the thing deep up Jared’s ass then fucking him fast and hard, making Jared moan and gasp for breath, flexing his muscles in some weird attempt to stave off the painful violation. Jared is sexy as fuck from head to toe, but the sight of his perfect, round ass, still scarred from a previous beating, beating brutally fucked is a Renaissance masterpiece of bondage-boy art. Jared’s cock is rock-hard the whole time, despite the pain and humiliation – or, better yet, because of it. After Red has had his fun fucking his stud’s ass and playing with his cock, he cover’s that ass with clothespins, making Jared smack the wall in agony, then flogs him.

Format: mp4
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