Jacob’s First Spanking

Jacob, age 25, is our first gay model. We should qualify that statement by saying that Jacob is our first openly gay model. We go out of our way to determine our models’ sexual orientation, so we’re pretty confident that all of our boys thus far have been straight or bi. If anything, the problem we have is guys wanting to claim to be bi because they think it’s what we want to hear. Brandon (another of our models) is an example of a model who claimed to be bi, but then refused to do any videos involving sexual contact with a man.
We want to be clear about this for any of you who may be concerned: We have NO intention of changing our focus from straight boys (straight is, after all, part of our name). Although he is not straight, Jacob meets a lot of the requirements we look for. He is good looking and has a great butt. He has never done a spanking video. Moreover, he has never any adult work before. He doesn’t enjoy being spanked, and he is a normal, good boy.
This video begins with a brief interview in which Jacob discusses his history of physical discipline. Then it’s time for the spanking, for which Tom orders Jacob over his knee. Like so many of the boys before him, Jacob hadn’t asked for any details about the spanking and so was surprised to be over a man’s knee.
Tom spanks Jacob by hand and with a belt. The spanking is much worse than Jacob anticipates. If he thought it would be playful or sexual, he quickly learns otherwise. After just a few minutes, Jacob is in the moment dealing with the spanking he is enduring and trying to be obedient so as not to displease Tom.
Jacob’s eyes glass over rather quickly as his sunny disposition fades. He is sufficiently contrite and respectful by the end of this spanking. It had gone from being what Jacob apparently thought would be a performance in a video to cold reality of a harsh spanking.

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