Hookup Stories: Oliver & Spencer – Spencer Locke ,Oliver Beck


Release Year: 2021
Cast: Spencer Locke ,Oliver Beck
Genres: Bareback , Teen Gay , Anal Gay ,Cum Gay
Video language: English

It’s time for another erotic installment of, hookup stories!this episode opens with sexy spencer locke sharing a cock rocking chronicle about meeting a stranger on the street, and those magical moments before where you don’t know,is he, or isn’t he lucky for locke, the boy was all about it! He was also a bit inexperienced; but, spencer was more that willing to teach, and the dude was more than willing to learn! Next, we cut to our hookup story hero, and oliver beck with hands on each other’s hips, and tongues entwined. Once the tasty twinks tear off their shirts, they tumble onto the bed, where beck makes his way to locke’s beefy beast! He teases spencer’s super sizer over his underwear before unwrapping the perfect package, and swallowing it whole. After a job well done, spencer pushes the pretty boy face down onto his knees, then buries his face and that apple ass. Oliver pipes up with a bit of dirty talk, getting locke so horned up, he heaves his huge hog balls deep into beck’s beautiful butt. Spencer smashes ass doggy, before flipping his play thing over to bang the boy out on his back. Oliver strokes his swollen, uncut shaft. Then. He blows clear past his shoulder! The rest of his creamy pleasure explodes all over his shredded stomach, and snakes around his trim silhouette. Next, locke unloads, adding to oliver’s oozy wrath. He milks his cock till every last drop dribbles down onto oliver’s torso; then, he collapses on top of him for a perfect, post coital kiss.

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Duration: 21:43
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Audio: 184kbps

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