Hiroya and Kouya


PeterFever East’s handsome Tokyo Casanova Hiroya caught blond Asian twink Kouya at a vulnerable moment with no plans for the holidays, and offers up his bed as the perfect staycation. Kouya’s thrilled to get some alone time with the hot stud and shows his gratitude with a juicy blowjob. The sexy muscledaddy loves the attention but wants Kouya’s ass even more than his mouth. He slicks a finger with lube and tickles Kouya’s p-spot till he’s ready to roll over and beg for cock. Kouya’s ass backs into the fingerbang and Hiroya knows he needs a fuck Now.
Standing with legs spread over crouching Kouya, Hiroya drills in to the cock-starved hole. Kouya growls seductively as his ass fills up with hard-thrusting Asian dick.When Hiroya rolls him to his back, Kouya wraps his arms and ankles around the big stud. With Hiroya pumping his ass he squirts his wad. Hiroya keeps on screwing, rips off his rubber to juice up Kouya’s belly with a sticky load.

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