Hans Raw and Matteo Gomez


Hans Raw is a little pissed at his fuck buddy Kai, who’s gone porn star crazy and can talk about nothing but Matteo Gomez. Instead of getting mad, he’s settling down on the couch for a nice relaxing banana facial. This isn’t the creamy facial from a big hard banana some of us dream about, but another of the many TikTok crazes. His eyes getting soothed by the cool bananas, Hans avoids Matteo when he strides in asking about the bananas on his face. But Matteo’s nothing if not persistent, grabbing Hans by his own stiff banana. Soon they’re kissing and making out on the sofa. Matteo works up that low-hanging fruit with a juicy blowjob, then sprawls across Hans’ lap with his fuzzy butt pointed up and ready. Hans drills in a wet finger or two. He slides his big banana in bareback, lets Matteo ride on it hard and deep. When it gets too hot to hold back, he rolls Matteo onto his back and plows in for the big splattering finish. Matteo beats him to the finish line, and squirts a thick white puddle onto his pierced belly button. Hans pulls out just in time to slather Matteo’s pretty face with a hot fresh banana facial he whipped up with his own beating fist.

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