Halloween Special The Follow Up Preview


Studio: Fun Size Boys

When the virus mutated, we were all caught a little off guard by the severity of its symptoms and the weird ways in which the illness was being passed on and the terrifying speed at which people were dying. Containment center was a little scary to begin with. On arrival, we were hauled into a laboratory and subjected to all kinds of fairly intrusive tests by men wearing protective clothing. Ive been here a year now and am happy to stay as long as they want me. We sleep in comfortable beds and eat well. There isnt much to do except wait for the next series of tests. They perform regular inspections and give us various treatments that can seem pretty unorthodox. Theyre looking for a cure by any means necessary, so Im happy to go along. Theyre almost certain that the new strain is being transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids, so I guess a lot of bodily fluids need to be exchanged! Not that Im complaining… The guys who do the inspections are all bizarrely tall. I mean, I know Im short, so everyones pretty tall by comparison, but a lot of these inspectors are more than a foot taller than me! Last Thursday, I got called in for a routine examination. We were being watched, as usual, by someone behind the partition, filming, making notes and basically telling the examiners what they needed to do. The two examiners were Inspectors Dietrich and Steele, and, as soon as I entered the space, naked, they started to massage disinfectant into my skin. Luckily, theyve moved to one that doesnt dry my skin out completely. It actually feels a little nice. Both of them were wearing latex gloves which were gliding over me without any friction whatsoever. Of course, after a few seconds, I realized it was actually turning me on – and the longer it went on, the harder I was getting. Were actually encouraged to go with the flow during the inspections. They like to see how our bodies react to stimuli–all part of the examination. If bodily fluids need to be exchanged, its useful if the subject is aroused. I like it when you can see the examiners getting hard as well, tenting in their protective clothing. I love the feeling of it rubbing against my skin as they move around me, the rustling of the fabric breaking the silence. Its hot as hell, but its also a little intimidating. Youre in a plastic room and these tall, strong guys are basically gonna do whatever they need to do to you. They dont smile or try to put you at ease and, despite being here for a year, theres still a crazy thought at the back of my mind which wonders if theyd actually let me out if I asked to leave. Inspector Dietrich put me onto the examination table, knelt between my legs and started to push his gloved fingers into my ass. It was so intense. As he pushed in with one finger, hed use another to tickle my balls. I could feel his beard scratching against my thigh. Then Inspector Steele took his gloves off and did the same thing while Dietrich stood and pulled my legs apart. Moments later, Steele started pushing his tongue into my hole. Dietrich asked if I knew what was going to happen next. I nodded and he immediately started to unzip his protective clothing, stripping him down to his underwear and socks before allowing his giant dick to spring out like some sort of sexy jack-in-a-box! I immediately got to work and started to suck him. I love the taste of his dick. I love the way it feels in my mouth. I love the way he holds the back of my neck as he pushes himself into me. It makes me desperate to please him. He spun me around, spat on my hole, and instantly drove his dick into me. The sensation pretty much blew my mind. I guess part of me was shocked by how quickly hed gone from being fully dressed to being naked and inside me. But the other part of me had forgotten how good Inspector Dietrich feels. Its like theres a magnet somewhere in my belly which slowly pulls him into me. I almost feel like my ass was designed to take him. Inspector Steele started stripping as Dietrich grabbed my hair and started to pound me. I almost felt like Dietrich was showing off. I could tell they were looking at each other and felt like they were somehow egging each other on, like Dietrich was saying, I bet you wont be able to go this hard… Dietrich climbed onto the examination table at one point, and started to pound me like Ive never been pounded before. All I could do was groan and gasp as he fucked harder and harder. Dietrich pulled out and swung me around on the table so that Steele could have his turn. Steele was standing and my ass was at exactly the right height for him to simply push into me. No warning. No preparation. He just plowed in and started to bang, looking at Dietrich as though he were saying, challenge accepted… Dietrich told me to suck his dick as Steele continued to thrust himself into me with fast, brutal strokes. I did my best, but I kept gagging and was worried I was embarrassing myself. Steele pulled back out and Dietrich took his place. My hole suddenly felt really open, so he was able to slide into me with relative ease before going at it like some kind of animal. I was trying to suck Steele at the same time, but his dick is massive as well, so it was really difficult. Dietrich suddenly started to make this weird noise. It seemed to come from the pit of his stomach, like he was suppressing some sort of roar. I instantly knew he was about to shoot his load, and seconds later, I could feel his dick twitching deep inside me, releasing giant shafts of semen into my guts. He pulled out and I could feel him shaking his dick. At the same time, splashes of watery jizz were flying out and hitting my legs, and a long trickle of the stuff was slowly dripping out. He pushed himself back into me. I assume it was important for the treatment that every last drop went inside. Steele suddenly swung me around and pulled me back onto his dick. He seemed to glide in. Im pretty sure Dietrich had shot a fairly massive load up there and that he was planning to do the same. He asked if I was ready for another load and then started to yell, and, sure enough, I could feel him squirting into me. He must have pumped at least ten times. His dick was pulsating rhythmically. I knew it was important to keep it all inside, so I clenched myself tightly as he pulled out. That night, I slept with both their semen in my belly. I dont know if it helps, but Ill do whatever it takes until this nightmare is over…

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