Gianni Maggio fucks Javi Gray’s asshole (720p,1080p)


Cast: Javi Gray, Gianni Maggio
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

Javi Gray is one of those guys that we have all seen online, the one wanting someone like Gianni Maggio to walk in and just fuck you without every speaking a word. Javi sets up just that scenario with Gianni. Javi readies himself by putting his leather mask on and leaving the door unlocked and getting on all 4’s with his ass in the air. Gianni in and admires that hot, pink ass inviting him in. Stripping down, Gianni spots a pinwheel stimulator on the nightstand and begins rolling it across Javi’s smooth back, sending shivers and excitement throughout his entire body. Gianni begins with a lite nibbling of Javi’s nipples then running his lips and tongue up and down the length of this body. Brining Javi to a seated position, we can see that Gianni’s monster cock is busting out of the seams of his latex underwear as Javi’s hands find the heat of the massive cock radiating from the thin veneer keeping his pleasure at bay. Javi explores his anonymous partner with his hands and tongue, feeding deeply into his fantasy. Gianni releases his monster cock and Javi has no clue just how massive this cock is that is about to fill him so deeply

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