Get to Know Tomoya


Cast: Tomoya (JB)
Video language: English

Fuzzy-headed Tomoya is shooting his first solo for Japanboyz, and has an appealing geeky quality that makes him very real on camera. We find that he has an awesome boyfriend that he just had sex with yesterday, but he seems to have a big appetite in that department. When he needs to wack off, Tomoya turns to social media and porn tweets. Today it’s just him and his hand (and maybe the camera guy’s hand as well). With one hand on his nips and the other diving into his jeans, Tomoya gets started on his solo.He strips down to his undies and presses a finger into the crack of his ass. His uncut dick is brown and thick as he wraps his fist around and starts beating. The camera guy’s intrigued and gives a helping hand, then runs a finger up into Tomoya’s hole as he encourages the new kid to make some noise. While Tomoya grits his teeth the camera guy goads him on to make "a nice bitch face". Tomoya doesn’t really need any prodding in that direction as his pre-orgasm facial expressions are getting a bit aggressive. He lies on his back and pats a finger against his hungry butthole, and that puts him over the edge. His abs tighten, his nuts draw up close and before you know it he’s spraying a thick wad across his smooth belly. Relaxed now, Tomoya lets the grimace fade and steps into the shower to rinse off.

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