GayCest – Neighborhood Secret – Tape 4 Truth Or Dare


Release Year: 2022
Studio: GayCest
Cast: Tom Bentley, Richie West, Cole Blue, Matthew Figata
Genres: anal, bareback, gay, kissing, oral, porn

My step-son and a couple of his neighborhood friends came to stay for a few nights recently. I’ve always taken pride in being the cool dad. His birth father manages to keep Richie on the straight-and-narrow, but his more rigid approach to parenting makes him a bit of a fun sponge! I see it as my duty to whisk Richie off for adventures where he can let his hair down. My interest in the boy is not entirely altruistic. There was a moment last summer when I realized the gawky ginger kid had turned into a sexy young guy with more than a twinkle in his eye. And, once those kinds of thoughts enter your mind, it’s fairly hard to think about much else. The more I looked at him, the more he seemed to look back at me. The glances were innocent to begin with, then inquisitive and then, before I could say “what the fuck”, we were staring at each other with an intensity which would make a whore blush! It progressed into a full-blown sexual relationship about six months ago. It was a big step, no doubt, but we’ve managed to stay pretty relaxed about the whole thing. The boy’s at college, so he’s not home all the time. Which is fine; he needs to be free to discover himself and date boys of his own age… as long as he saves some time for me! Richie turned up at my place with his high school friends, Tom and Cole. I know both boys well. Very well, in fact!! There was a lot of flirting going on during dinner, so I suggested we go to the hot tub. Minutes later, we were stripped to our bathing suits with the warm, bubbly, spa water tickling and massaging our semi-aroused bodies. Cole was staring at me with a pretty racy look in his eye and Richie kept pushing his leg out so that it brushed against mine under the water. On top of all of that, Tom and I were exchanging the sort of glances which said, “take me!” To get things moving the way I wanted them to go, I suggested a game of truth and dare. It all started off innocently enough. We worked our way around the circle asking titillating questions; “have you ever kissed a girl?” “have you ever sent a dick pic”… I requested a dare and Cole, bold as brass, cheekily told me to take off my bathing trunks. I smiled and did as requested, enjoying the feeling of my junk floating free in the warm water. The boys no I’m not very shy, but I was impressed that Cole would bravely make the request. I don’t need to spell out what happened next. A series of somewhat inevitable dares ensured that we were soon all naked in the tub. I looked from one boy to the next. Each seemed to have a tighter, more well-defined body than the one I’d just looked at, and my thick unrestrained tool was soon threatening to make an appearance above the water line! The atmosphere instantly became charged with heavy eroticism. Cole immediately clocked my hard-on and dared me to stand up… And there I was, in all my naked glory, dick hard as iron and ready for action. Before I had the time to properly enjoy the looks on the boys’ faces, I felt Richie moving across to me, coming to sucking me off. It was soon something of a free for all. I detected a flash of jealousy on Tom’s face as he made his way over to me, plainly to prove that he could top his best friend on the head-giving stakes. What can I say? They both learned from the best and it was a pleasure to watch them competing with each other! I kept my eyes firmly on Cole, willing him to join in and turn the hot tub into the location of a full-blown orgy and, sure enough, he obliged. The other two started making out, bodies intertwined and wrapped in a sexy blanket of warm water. The connection with Cole was immediate and full of fiery chemistry. I held the back of his head and pushed my dick deep into his throat, before switching places and getting my mouth wrapped around his highly-impressive meat. The tip of my tongue was dancing over the head of Cole’s 9-inch fuck tool, which was helplessly twitching and bobbing about! I could tell the experience was utterly blowing his mind. He kept tossing his head back and groaning heavily in that sexy, surprisingly deep voice of his! I glanced behind me and saw my steps-son happily eating out young Tom’s hole. I tapped Richie on the ass and told him I wanted to take over. I could see Cole pushing Richie into the same position as Tom, and the thought of the two of them fucking made my already hard dick bounce like crazy. I heard a somewhat-familiar gasp and realized that Cole had sunk his big dick into Richie’s hole. The sounds of the two of them banging increasingly drew my attention away from Tom. Cole had one of his long legs up on the side of the tub and was driving his dick hard in and out of my step-son. Fucking Tom was gonna have to wait until this particularly sexy floor show was done. I put my arm around Tom and we watched the action, playing with each other’s dicks and kissing passionately between glances. I felt myself willing Cole to go harder. I wanted to see him flooding my boy’s ass with semen. That special moment was all about Cole; his immense beauty, his amazing dick, his incredible sexual prowess. Everything else was gonna need to wait. Cole unloaded in Richie with perfect skill. His growls got a little more frantic, perhaps, and his face contorted as the cum started to gush out of him, deep into Richie’s ass. And, as Cole pulled out, a torrent of watery spunk gushed out of my beautiful boy’s tight hole. The night was young. We had all the time in the world… but man, I was gonna spend the rest of the night making the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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Duration: 19:53
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