Gay- Scandinavia – Easton & Brayden Video


Video language: English

When you get two horny guys like Easton and Brayden together on the trip we took to Scandinavia, you never really know what they’re going to get up to and in to. These guys could barely keep their hands off one another – and I sure as heck wasn’t going to interfere with that!
They don’t even wait to get inside to start playing, with Easton pulling Brayden’s cock out and getting down on his knees to suck it outdoors, right there on the street! We couldn’t really have them go all out and do everything in the open like that, though, so they quickly move inside to pick up where they left off – getting in to some intense sex with Easton’s cock drilling Brayden’s hole, and Brayden loving every inch of it.
Brayden can’t help but blow a load as he’s getting his hole fucked, and that pushes Easton over the top to fire off his own. Both of these guys’ loads are massive, and Brayden ends the action with his chest and hole completely drenched in cum!

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