Gay – Rosebud


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First up is Bernie Shepherd, a hotel waiter. He explains that when he arrived at Jack Thornton’s room he found the door ajar and saw, in the back bedroom, Shostak being interrogated by a motorcycle police officer (Griff Thorson). He was curious and hid in the hallway outside to watch the interaction between the cop and Shostak. The butch cop was treating Shostak like a second-class citizen. He actually made him lick his black boots! Watched. And from the looks of it Shostak-didn’t mind at all. From there he was told to strip naked, act like the good dog he was and sniff the officer’s ass. Then as if he was born with canine instinct, he shed his clothes, reaching up to loosen the policeman’s belt, unzipping his tight-fitting black pants, removing all. His, underwear was next to go, as the cop turned around, shoving his hot butt into Shostak’s face. It didn’t take long for the obedient dog of a man to stick his nose in between the hot cop’s ass cheeks. He took in the sweaty scent of a day’s work and loved every moment of it. He lapped at, sucked and rimmed the cop’s asshole until he was told to stop and watch the officer remove the rest of his uniform. Bernie watched from a far as the policeman did a bit of his own sucking and rimming. dogs in He noticed the ecstasy on Shostak’s face as the cop shoved several fingers up his tight bung hole. But that was only for the moment as Shostak was in for something a whole lot bigger than a couple of fingers. Like they were made for each other, the hot cop’s hard prick slid into Shostak’s ass without any resistance. Bernie watched them fuck like two dogs in heat until Shostak couldn’t take much more and shot an incredible load, covering his stomach – only to have it mixed with more hot semen shooting out of the interrogating officer’s throbbing cock, as he too reaches an awesome orgasm!

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