Fun-Size Boys: Serg Shepard makes his Carnal in King Size Rubdown


Cast: Dillon Stone

Serg squirms around on the table. Panting turns to moaning turns to whimpering as Mr. Stone fingers the boy’s hole, bites his rump, and spits in his ass. When Mr. Stone lifts the twink back to face him, it’s obvious this is no longer billable time – starts making out with his fun-sized boy, stroking that boy-dick and his handsome face between Mr. Stone’s hairy pecs.
Lust rips the clothes off both. The older man folds Serg’s legs over his shoulders and eats out his ass. Satisfied that his boy’s hole is suitably coated in saliva and oil, the DILF presses his dick deep into the tiny jock. He gives the boy’s pecs a thorough rub down—one that stays in pace with the rhythm of his jackhammer dick deep into Serg’s colon.
Serg’s body yearns for the pulse of Mr. Stone’s huge dick. The petite jock moans eagerly at every new inch of thick cock sliding inside him. As Mr. Stone thrusts deeper into the warm confines of Serg’s hot little rectum, the DILF gyrates his hips and speeds the pace. He fucks Serg in every position his racing mind can think of, and the horny, limber twink is more than ready to assume each new position.
Serg’s eyes roll back in his head as Mr. Stone slams his cock balls deep into the twink’s asshole. In sync, they writhe and hump, until finally the DILF professional can’t take it anymore – he pulls out, points his dick across the twink’s abs, and strokes out his final victory shot.
After he shoots his load, he sticks his dick right back into the jock’s hole and pulls Serg’s head up for a long, deep kiss. He tastes the boy melting in his mouth, and knows for sure he’s earned another repeat customer!

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