Fred Sneaker and Mickael David


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A dark, sweaty sex club on the outskirts of an un-named French city. A young man, wearing sneakers, loose grey shorts and a tight, football shirt walks along a corridor of lockups. He sits on a bed, spreads his legs seductively and massages his dick through his shorts. Mickael David is sexually charged, full of cum and up for anything.He hears a whistle. A tall, tanned, topless man in black soccer shorts stands at the lockup door. Fred Sneaker is a bit of a thug. He exudes danger. His demeanour suggests that if Mickael wants to play, he’ll be playing by Fred’s rules.Mickael gestures for …Mickael gestures for Fred to enter and the two men grope each other wantonly. Fred instantly asserts his dominance and pulls Mickael’s head down to his crotch. Mickael licks Fred’s growing bulge through the shiny fabric of his shorts. The bar through his tongue glints in the half light. A lustful smile flickers across Fred’s lips: he’s going to enjoy this encounter.Fred lifts the leg of his shorts and pulls his dick out, feeding it into the mouth of his hungry slave, who responds by keenly wrapping his tight, firm lips around it. Mickael runs his pierced tongue up and down Fred’s shaft and sucks and licks obsessively until all 9 inches are standing proud, ready to slay.Fred forces Mickael to squat on the bed and present his ass to his new master. Fred gets his tongue to work, pulling Mickael’s ass cheeks apart and pushing his tongue deep into the crevice. He has big plans for this tight hole…Fred casually pushes his thumb into Mickael’s ass. Mickael winces and gasps. His discomfort pleases Fred who pushes lube into his slave’s hole and starts a more assertive campaign of fingering! He wants Mickael’s ass wide open for the giant anal beads he’s going to force up there.Fred pushes the beads into Mickael one by one. The sensation is immense. Mickael yells as he tries to control the searing pain. A second bead is lubed and pushed into the slave, who grits his teeth and accepts the abuse. The third and final bead enters Mickael’s ass with a huge degree of discomfort. Michael bravely tries to regulate his breathing.Fred slaps Mickael’s ass cheek. Adrenalized sweat flies in all directions.Moments later, Fred produces a large dildo which he seductively glides over Mickael’s gaping hole before starting to push it in. Mickael holds his breath as the dildo forces the beads deeper and deeper into his guts. He clenches his fists and arches his back in agony.Fred pulls the dildo out and then begins to tug on the string attached to the beads. Mickael braces himself as the beads pop out one by one, jets of lube squirting everywhere. The giant dildo is immediately inserted back into Mickael’s ass and pushed all the way in before being used to fuck. Mickael shivers with the all-encompassing intensity of the experience. He yells, helplessly grabbing Fred’s hand in an attempt to stay the relentless abuse.A moment later, Mickael is on his knees again, sucking and slurping on Fred’s giant, erect meat. All that abuse has made this arrogant master really horny. He stares down at Mickael, whispering words of abuse and encouragement, enjoying the enthusiasm with which his new slave is attempting to pleasure him. He thrusts his dick deeper into Mickael’s mouth as the experience intensifies and the semen starts to tingle in his balls.Sometimes a master needs to feel like a slave, and Fred suddenly lies on the bed, encouraging Mickael to take off his sneaker, stand over him and push his sock-covered foot into his master’s face. Fred jerks his impressive tool, overwhelmed by the pleasure he finds in this reverse display of dominance. Thick squirts of cum fly out of his dick and onto his chest and balls.To complete the surprise reversal, Mickael allows a few trickles of piss to fall out of his dick onto the body of his former tormentor.

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