Focus on Me – Neighborhood Secret – Part 3


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I didn’t really know what to do. I was on my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth when I passed by my dad’s bedroom. I thought I heard something, so naturally, I turned my head to look toward his door. It was late and I thought maybe he might be watching TV. But as I looked, it was clear that what I was hearing was something else.I know my dad has sex and he doesn’t really make a habit of letting me know when it’s happening. He’s not shy about his body or his personal life, but this was one thing that was always somewhat opaque. I never knew when he was having sex, but sometimes I would see guys leave early in the morning.Here, I could …Here, I could see it all very clearly. My dad was sitting back in bed, legs spread with a younger guy between them. The guy was sucking his cock. And I could see it all.My instinct was to turn away and quickly leave, pretend I didn’t see it and just go on like nothing happened. But I was stuck. I couldn’t move. Something about seeing this private, intimate moment was so… beautiful. I’d never seen my dad hard before, let alone in this kind of pleasure.His hairy chest rose with each deep breath, and his moans were unlike any sound I’d ever heard him make. It was revealing… I got a look at a side of my dad that I would have never thought I’d see. But just as I thought I’d snuck enough of a glimpse, his eyes looked up at me.I froze. I didn’t breathe. My face went red and I could feel the burning sensation of embarrassment in my ears. I waited for the moment to come when he spoke up, called my name in shock, and I was left having ruined his moment.But instead, he just seemed to keep going. He looked at me in the eyes, almost passively seeing what my reaction would be. His blowjob didn’t skip a beat as we were focused on one another. The guy sucking his dick had no idea I was there, and I wasn’t going to alert him to my attention. And as it turned out, neither was my dad.Suddenly, it was like I was a part of it. Even though I was silent and still across the room, barely in the doorway peering in from the dark hall, it was like I was part of my dad’s sexual encounter. To my surprise, I found myself carefully studying the way the younger guy was sucking his cock.I watched with strange fascination how my dad’s dick stood tall from his thick pubes and disappeared into the guy’s mouth. I watched as my dad’s balls tensed and seemed to rise up like they were jumping in place. And from where I was standing, I could see the look on my dad’s face whenever the guy’s head moved up and down, sending him into intense pleasure.I couldn’t help but pull out my own cock and start stroking. It was hot. Hotter than I ever imagined. Seeing my dad like that… so sexual… so powerful… being worshiped… it made me wish it could be me…My dad continued to put his guest into different positions. Eating his ass and playing with his body, all the while keeping a watchful eye on me, seeing how I would respond. The guy he was about to fuck turned toward me, but he was so captivated by my dad’s tongue, he couldn’t keep his eyes from rolling back into his head. He never even knew I was there.He looked like he was my age! Couldn’t have been more than a year different. He was smooth and young, making the scene all the more intriguing. Who was he? And where was his dad? And did his dad know he was here? …In the way my dad knew.Then, I watched as my dad put a drop of spit on his cock and lined it up with his bottom. He took a beat before plunging it in to catch my gaze. It felt like an eternity since I’d taken a breath, but I found myself gasping in delighted anticipation when he finally slid himself inside his bottom.The way my dad’s hairy body arched as it fucked… I couldn’t help but thinking about all the people he’s fucked before. And even for me, about how I came to be from such an act. Skin to skin, intense breathing, passionate, deliberate strokes, all while getting closer and closer to climaxing.I felt strange as I tugged on my cock, getting closer to coming myself watching my dad fuck. I knew it was wrong, but he kept looking at me, watching me watching him, knowing that what he was doing was getting me off just as much as it was getting him off. I wondered if he would have been as into the sex he was having had I moved on and never been caught or if he was getting a special thrill from having his son see him breed.When the time came for him to cum, he turned the boy away from me. It seemed now like the young guy was an afterthought, a mere prop in his sexual fantasy. As he fucked him and built himself closer to coming, he kept looking at me. Sweat caught on my brow and as I stroked myself, it seemed like he was actually fucking me. Every push and thrust he gave the young guy seemed directed at me… for my benefit… to turn me on…I didn’t want it to end, but I heard my dad’s breathing intensify and the boy’s moans quicken from the pounding. Within moments, my dad was letting out powerful, masculine noises, unloading his seed into the young man’s hole. I wish I could have gotten closer to see it… to see his cock inside him… and to see his load pour out of him…Instead, I finished tugging my cock, unloading my semen on the floor beside the door. I was quiet, but my dad was facing me, watching me as I let out my load. The look on his face was enigmatic, but not in the least bit upset. Somehow, we shared something. But it meant that I had no idea how to see to him next…

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