FitCasting – Danko – First Casting (720p)


Meet our new boy Danko!
When he entered our office we could not wait to get this boy out of his clothes fast enough. Wearing just a tank top we immediately noticed the boy’s powerful biceps and broad shoulders.
We started the casting by making the boy to wear a completely transparent fishnet underwear.
The first part: traditional stretching exercises. At the request of our members we have extended our casting with more extensive glutes posing and we were happy to notice how eagerly the boy was ready to present himself in any position required by the instructor.
We admired his form: all the poses presented were incredibly correct as if measured by a yardstick.
We could start to notice the sweat break out on the boy’s shaved skin.
The first nude exercises that the boy needs to perform are some of the most exposing stress poses like “Heron” and “Shiiko Dachi”- the reason for this is that we want the boy feel immediately comfortable in his nudity. Both poses require the boy to spread his legs wide: revealing his massive manhood.
Danko’s performance in the gym is superb. We cannot get enough to see him in countless reps on the bench and behind various workout equipment.
We continue exploring the boy and now with this perfect specimen, the question really becomes not what muscle group needs more training, but what muscle group being trained would our members enjoy most?
Thighs, abs, chest, bicepsm triceps, back or something else? Write us and let us know what do you like to see Danko to do to please you?

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