First-Aid Training – Troop Time – Pt 7


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My name is Cameron and I’m new to the Scouts. It actually took me quite a long time to pluck up the courage to join. I play a lot of sports, I’ve got pretty decent judgement, I love problem-solving, I’m a good map-reader… My only reservation about joining was that I’m also attracted to guys!I know what you’re thinking! Why would that be a problem? You go to Scout camp, and you’re completely surrounded by guys. But what if one of them catches me looking at him and gets angry? What if I get hard in the showers? What if I say something stupid in my sleep and suddenly become a laughing stock?I don’t altogether …I don’t altogether know what I was worrying about. It turns out that Scout camp is actually a LOT of fun. I’ve made some amazing friends, I’ve learned some great skills and the Scoutmasters are really cool.My best friend here is Jack. I guess I usually find myself attracted to older, bigger men, but Jack is really handsome. We share a tent, and I certainly hope I don’t talk in my sleep because I’ve had some crazy dreams about him!My favourite Scoutmaster is Scoutmaster Cox. He’s so handsome. He comes across as a little aloof, I guess, but that just makes me more keen to impress him. He has this old-school moustache which makes him look a little like a matinee idol!Jack and I got called into his office the other day. Neither of us has any experience with first aid, and Scoutmaster Cox felt it was important we learned the basics. He introduced us to Scoutmaster Wolf who’s apparently something of an expert. Neither of us had seen him before, but from the moment he walked into the room, I literally couldn’t take my eyes off of him. If I’d have drawn my ideal man, he’d have looked and sounded a lot like Scoutmaster Wolf; confident, incredibly tall, broad and with a really sexy, low voice.He talked a lot about first aid. I tried to take it in, but if I’m honest I was just staring at him, imagining all sorts of inappropriate things!I guess I was a little disappointed when he said he needed a volunteer and asked Jack to come and sit on the table. Jack, of course, seemed more than happy to get up close with the handsome man. I sometimes wonder if Jack is into dudes as well. I occasionally see him exchanging quite intense looks with Scoutmaster Cox. I’m sure it’s just wishful thinking, but part of me wonders if there’s something going on between them.Scoutmaster Wolf got Jack on the table and used these wooden splints to demonstrate what to do if someone breaks a leg. He showed us all sorts of cool tricks including how to use our neckerchiefs to tie the leg to the splint.Wolf then asked Jack to take his pants off so that we could assess his “injury” properly before getting me to demonstrate what I’d learned. It turned out I hadn’t learned that much! I was useless, so Scoutmaster Wolf asked me to take my pants off so that Jack could practise on me. I don’t know what came over me, but I heard myself telling Wolf I wanted to practise tying a splint to HIS leg. I was astounded when he actually agreed!He dropped his pants to reveal quite long boxers, but I literally couldn’t take my eyes off his crotch. His bulge was enormous! My mind, of course, went entirely blank. There was something so incredible about the experience of wrapping my kerchief around his thigh, knowing it had been around my neck. I kept getting my knots wrong, but he was very understanding. I got all tongue tied. Then he asked if I was making him nervous – smiling at me with those beautiful, deep blue eyes. Of course, I was nervous!Scoutmaster Wolf got me to hop back onto the table again. He put me into the splint and started pulling my legs around. I couldn’t help it. I could feel my dick getting harder and harder and it was so obvious. I didn’t know where to look. I wanted the earth to swallow me up. But he just laughed and said “boys will be boys. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.”He asked if I was getting excited. I lied and said no. Then he said “if it helps, I’m getting excited too…” I looked at his bulge and was really shocked to see it had doubled in size!None of this stopped me feeling embarrassed, of course. Scoutmaster Cox and Jack were both still in the room, staring at me. My instinct was that they were all poking fun at me, but Scoutmaster Wolf was getting harder and harder…He told me to lean back on the table and pulled my shirt up so he could see my hard dick in my underpants. He said it was impressive. My head started spinning. He asked if I wanted to touch his bulge. I nodded. He pulled my hand over to his crotch. It was the first time in my life that I’d touched a hard dick – apart from my own, of course. It felt so good.Scoutmaster Wolf then told me to look over at Jack, who was also touching himself. Wolf carefully took the flint off of me and then started squeezing and caressing my bulge. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Scoutmaster Cox leaning over Jack and touching him like Wolf was touching me.Moments later, Wolf pulled my underpants off. I looked across at Jack to see that he had his dick in Scoutmaster Cox’ mouth! Plainly they’d done that before!Wolf took my shirt off. I think he was a little surprised by my torso. I’ve been working out a lot recently. I guess you don’t really expect a young blond guy like me to have a six pack, but I suppose I’ve been trying to sculpt myself in the hope that I might eventually turn a nice guy’s head. My dick was so hard it was almost pressing against my belly button. I could hear Jack moaning as Cox sucked him off, and the whole room felt like it was throbbing with horniness.The Scoutmaster took things really slowly with me. I think he was aware that every time he touched me I shivered. He called Jack across, and told him to sit down in front of me and suck me off.I couldn’t believe the sensation. It made me feel all fizzy. I’d always wanted to know how it would feel to have someone’s mouth on my dick, but had no idea it would be that good! My body went into spasms, then started tingling, like ripples of pleasure were bursting from my dick and rolling out in all directions across my body.Cox pulled Jack away. I wondered if he was feeling a bit jealous. I felt perhaps Jack was Scoutmaster Cox’ special boy.Scoutmaster Wolf came back to me and started playing with my dick again, encouraging me to do the same to him. I pulled his giant dick out of his underpants and started to kiss and suck it. I did what felt right and copied what Jack had done to me. I tried to get as much of it into my mouth as I could but it made me gag a bit.Jack and Cox watched as Scoutmaster Wolf lay down on the table – his dick sticking high in the air. I carried on sucking it. I tried to suck hard, and then I flicked my tongue around the head, trying to give him as much pleasure as I could.I climbed onto the table and squatted over the Scoutmaster so that our dicks were rubbing against each other. He licked his fingers and brought them round to my ass. I sort of knew what was coming. I didn’t know how it would feel but I knew he wanted to push himself inside me. I was terrified, of course, but, in the overwhelming sexiness of the moment, I allowed him to do what he wanted.I lined my hole up with the tip of his dick and sort of sat down on it. Part of me imagined that it was going to just slide in. But it was enormous and I had to focus so hard. I didn’t think it was ever going to go in, but suddenly I felt it moving inside me, and I was sliding down Scoutmaster Wolf’s shaft.I had no idea what I was meant to do. I could feel Jack watching and wanted to ask him, but instead I went with what felt right, and started rocking myself up and down. I felt like it was going straight into my stomach, it was the most intense feeling, but I just wanted to ride it harder and faster.After a while, Wolf asked me to pull out and turn around so that I had my back to him and was sort of squatting on him. We experimented with a few positions. He told me what to do, and I just bobbed up and down as hard as I could. I couldn’t really believe it: I was finally losing my virginity – on a desk with a Scoutmaster I’d only just met!A second later, he said he was going to cum. At the same time, he lifted my feet off the table, and the last inch of his dick slid deep into me. I could feel him squirting right inside. It felt amazing. I could feel it dripping out of me as he pulled himself out.We climbed off the table and he pulled me into him and we kissed. It felt really passionate and loving. And it made me laugh because I’d never kissed a man before – and there I was doing that for the first time just after being fucked! I guess there aren’t many guys who can say they did things that way round!

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