Extra orgies with latin men

Release Year: 2015
Cast: Marcelo Mastro, Bruno Camargo, Edu Lopes, Mano Cortes, Rafael Cavalcante, Peter Chandão, Ryan Torreta, Diogo Alvim, Matt Molinas
Genres: Anal Sex, Latin Men, Oral Sex, Rimming, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Horsehung, Threeways, Outdoor Sex, Uncut Cocks, Group Sex, Orgy, Pool – Spa Sex, Dildos – Toys
Video language: English

Marcelo Mastro is a force to be reckoned with – hard abs, hard dick, and three extra hard dildos. When Marcelo wants to fuck, no ass is safe. In this romp through the Brazilian countryside, watch as Marcelo and 8 other Brazilian natives explore the harder side of life. After a long day by the pool, this angelic sweetheart is ready to escape the mid-day sun. Under the shade of a nearby cabana, Ryan peels off his small white sunga to reveal a plump and furry ass. He rubs his ample globes, and teases his hole, unwittingly preparing for what’s to come. Ginger-headed Peter and hunky Rafael take advantage of a poolside shower. As the water pours over their writhing bodies, Peter takes Rafael’s uncut manhood into his mouth. Rafael responds in kind, swallowing every inch of Peter’s pole. After the blowjobs are done, Rafael wastes no time getting inside his shower mate. He walks up behind his partner and, without warning, slams his manhood in the boy’s tight hole. Soon it is Rafael’s turn to be filled to the hilt. Eager to return the favor, Peter sits on a patch of grass, and Rafael descends his cock. As Rafael rides the pint-sized powerhouse, Marcelo Mastro approaches holding three shiny metal dildos in his hands, and the three men walk away, groping and grabbing with anticipation. An outdoor faucet pours water into an unattended pale. Muscle bound Bruno approaches from the left, as tall and slender Mano approaches from the right. The two Brazilian beauties engage in a water fight that proves too hot for the duo to handle. Bruno drops to his knees forcing Mano’s massive member to grow to its full potential. He takes the entire 11 inches in his mouth, as Mano barks orders, pounding his hips against Bruno’s face. Before long Mano has assumed the position, and Bruno crams his cock deep into Mano’s mouth. Ready to take things to the next level, Bruno produces a sleek but imposing sex toy (Vergenza Mk. 1) and fills Mano’s manhole with the hard metal. Having primed his partner, Bruno puts the toy aside to give Mano a serious man-to-man pounding. Out on the deck of his condo, Marcelo takes advantage of his friends’ eagerness. Revealing two gorgeously designed dildos (Vergenza Mk. 1) he penetrates both Peter and Rafael in sequence. Once they’ve felt the power of the Mk. 1, Marcelo slaps on a condom and shows them the power of a real man. Fucking one, and then the other with aggression and strength, he leaves these boys feeling as if they’ve never been fucked before. Overwhelmed with a renewed passion for dick, Peter drops to his knees and takes Marcelo and Rafael in his mouth.

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