Eric’s First Spanking

First Contact Video! This video shows the first time that Eric has been touched by a man. Eric is a very hot, masculine 19-year-old straight boy with a great butt. Tom first talked to him about doing a video when he was 18, many months before he finally agreed to do one.
Eric is a proud, confident young man. Swallowing that pride and submitting to this spanking was not an easy decision for him. He’s also nobody’s fool, so he understood right away (unlike many of the boys) that the spanking was meant to be embarrassing and demeaning. That said, having agreed to it, he takes his spanking like a man.
Eric showed up late for the spanking. He had broken his phone and in doing so had lost some important numbers, so, in addition to being late, he was a bit angry at life. You can sense his stress and a good amount of resentment as this video begins. As is usually the case, Eric hadn’t expected to go over Tom’s knee for his spanking.
Tom suspects that most of the boys don’t object to being ordered over his knee because they’re a bit stunned and too cowed by the cameras and the whole situation to say anything. Eric is different. He doesn’t object because he won’t give Tom the satisfaction of acknowledging that he hadn’t expected and didn’t want to go over his knee.
Tom uses his hand, a leather slapper, a birch and two belts on Eric. Eric made the mistake of wearing a leather belt to his spanking, so Tom used Eric’s own belt on him. (that’s something he’ll likely remember every time he wears that belt). Eric follows orders well and does not try to escape the spanking he has agreed to. He stays in position and eyes the camera directly, as if to say, "I’m over this man’s knee getting spanked, but I am not embarrassed."
Eric’s body language is clear. You’ll see his anger grow throughout this video. However, to his credit, Eric keeps his emotions under control.

Format: mp4
Duration: 12:37
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Audio: 178kbps

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