Erection Inspection


Release Year: 2001
Studio: Blade Productions
Cast: Gus Avery, Mitch Lowe, Michael Thomas Scott, Sven, Norman Corvette, Eddie Gomez, Ricki Torres
Genres: Latinos, Anal/Oral Sex, Athletes, Big Dicks, Cumshots

In Blade Thomp’s Erection Inspection, hot guys in the military inspect each other’s equipment to make sure it’s all working properly. When Private Norman Corvette reports tomander Gus Avery’s office, Gus gives him a surprise erection inspection, leading to Gus fucking Norman over themander’s desk. Private Mitch gets his grunt buddy Private Michael Thomas Scott to practice with him for their erection inspection. The two are guaranteed perfect inspections when Mitch fucks Michael in front of some camouflage ting. Then,mander Gus Avery returns to give Private Sven Fox an erection inspection in the latrine. This time, it’s the plucky Private who tops themandingmander. Finally, Private Ricki Torres helps his buddy Private Eddie Gomez prepare for their uing erection inspection when Ricki fucks Eddie back at the barracks. Erection Inspection – Scene 1 This private has yet to experience one of hismanding officer’s special inspections to make sure everything is on the up and up, and when he starts undoing his belt, he realizes just what is to be inspected! He takes off his pants and his underwear, and then opens his jaw to let his cock slide into his hungry mouth. He grabs a hold of his shaft and bobs his head up and down his stiffy to get him rock hard, and then the private learns how to do the inspection on his own when he gives him some head. His tight asshole then gets spread and filled up with his cock, as he pounds away at his butt on his desk until he cums. Gus Avery, Mitch Lowe Duration: 18m 50sErection Inspection – Scene 2 Soldier friends Sven and Michael Thomas Scott fold their fatigues in their foxhole, and Sven wants Michael to show him his maneuvers. Michael obeys the order and sucks Sven’s hard cock, and Sven returns the favor and goes to work on Michael’s loaded weapon. Sven bends over and takes Michael’s dick deep up his tight asshole doggy style, and Michael thrusts his rod in and out of Sven’s tight bung hole, reaming his ass long and hard. The men then lay beside each other and jerks their loads all over their own stomachs. Michael Thomas Scott, Sven Duration: 14m 45sErection Inspection – Scene 3 In this line of work, you have to make sure that everything is done to yourmanding officer’s liking, or else you can get into some serious trouble. So when this guy got put on bathroom duty, he had to make sure that he got every bit of dirt off of every surface. And not only did he get yelled at for not doing a good job, it was time for his erection inspection! He stood at attention, and so did his cock when his underwear got pulled down and his cock got thrusted into his officer’s mouth. After his dick and his ass got licked, it was time for him to bang his officer’s tight asshole. And now he has even more of a mess to clean up! Gus Avery, Norman Corvette Duration: 15m 7sErection Inspection – Scene 4 Soldiers Ricki Torres and Eddie Gomez sits in their barracks when they decide to have an erection inspection. They help each other off with their fatigues, and Ricki bends over to suck Eddie’s hard cock. Eddie returns the favor and blows Ricki’s throbbing dick, and Eddie gets on his hands and knees on his cot so Ricki can fuck him up the ass doggy style. Eddie lays back as Ricki settles between his legs and reams his tight butt hole missionary, and the men finally jerk their loads all over Eddie’s tight stomach.

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