Elder Foster – Workover


Studio: Missionaryboyz

Elder Miller shows his new companion the ropes. Elder Foster is a greenie. Hes fresh out of the Missionary Training Center and has just been assigned his first missionary companion, Elder Miller. Elder Miller loves to train new missionaries. Theyre so eager and so innocent. And he has so much to teach them. When he picks Elder Foster up from the Mission Home, hes excited to find that that young missionary boy is both really handsome and super friendly. He gives Elder Miller a big smile and an even bigger hug, and tells him how excited he is to be companions. Elder Foster cant help but notice what a cool guy Elder Miller is. The older missionary gives him a steady, confident look that makes his insides turn to jelly. Plus, Elder Miller is so hot. Elder Foster can tell that his trainer must have an incredible body. As they cab back to their apartment, its all he can do to keep himself from having an erection as they get to know each other. A few days into their companionship. Elder Foster is beginning to feel at ease. Elder Miller, eager to get his hands on his new companions naked body, does everything he can to make the boy comfortable. They come home for lunch one day and sit on the edges of their twin beds. While Elder Miller concentrates on tallying the work they did that morning, Elder Foster slips out of his proselyting clothes. Elder Miller keeps one eye on him as he lies down to unbutton his shirt, then slides his pants to the floor. Pretty soon hes stripped down to his garments. He lies down on the bed with his scriptures, trying to relax a little after a hard morning. He wonders how his companion can be so sharp and crisp and energetic all the time. Doesnt he ever get tired? Doesnt ever ever want to relax? Elder Miller feeds his eyes on the boys nice body, then barks out an order. Hang up your clothes. Elder Foster looks at his clothes, in a pile on the floor, then blushes and snaps to it. While hes hanging them up, Elder Miller steals a glance at his round, firm butt. When the boy lies back down, Elder Miller finishes what hes working on, then undresses himself. The boy watches him, trying not to let the other missionary notice. But hes really obvious. He cant stop staring at Elder Millers ripped body, which is completely visible through the garments. Elder Miller feels the boys eyes on him, but doesnt say anything. He keeps a stern look on his face as he strips completely naked, knowing that his companion is getting more and more horny. Elder Miller lies down on his bed, and Elder Foster can see every muscle in his hard body. His dick is throbbing, and he thinks about excusing himself so that he can go to the bathroom and relieve his impossible desire. But Elder Miller catches him looking and he smiles. Come give me a blowjob, he says. Elder Foster is shocked. Is this a trick? Is his companion testing him? I cant do that. Id get sent home. I saw you looking. I know you want to, Elder Miller says. Besides, trust me: the mission president doesnt mind. Elder Foster doesnt quite believe him, but he wants the other boys cock so bad that hes willing to put his doubts aside. He stands up and nervously approaches the other missionarys bed. He straddles Elder Miller and runs his hands up his muscular belly and chest. Hes never in his life felt anything like this. His body is hard as stone. He brings his face down close and breathes in his smell, then gives him a little kiss on the chest. He cant believe this is happening. Pretty soon, following Elder Millers orders, hes rubbing the other boys abs and kissing his nipples. Elder Miller is squeezing the boys round butt through the garments, eager for him to wrap his lips around his dick. When the two finally kiss, Elder Fosters dick gets completely hard. He has always wanted to kiss another boy but never dared to, and now here he is making out with the sexiest boy he has ever seen. Elder Miller pulls off Elder Fosters garment top, and then orders him to play with his cock. Elder Foster is happy to do whatever his senior companion tells him to do. When Elder Miller tells him to, he pulls off his garment bottoms and takes his delicious, hard cock in his mouth. His mouth is watering and so Elder Millers dick is immediately soaking wet and tingling. Elder Foster has never sucked a cock before, but his eagerness makes up for whatever he lacks in experience. Elder Miller guides his head through the blow job with one hand. He doesnt let the boy up for air. When he starts to feel like hes on the edge, he flips the boy over on his back and goes down on his hard dick. Elder Foster closes his eyes and writhes on the bed, trying not to resist the intense waves of pleasure spreading through his body. Elder Millers hairy hole is high in the air as he works over his companions juicy cock. Elder Foster moans as Elder Miller tries to suck the cum up out of his balls. The more he eats that dick, the more he wants to get in his tight hole. He knows his companion wont say no. So when its good and hard, he wets his hole with some spit and climbs up on his dick. He sits down on it slowly, and its almost more than Elder Foster can take. As he lets his hole relax around the boys thick cock, he feels the cock throbbing. Finally, he has lowered himself all the way down on the cock and starts to bounce up and down. Elder Foster closes his eyes and holds onto his companions dick. Elder Miller takes charge, using the boys dick to please his own hole. And then Elder Foster starts to get into it, thrusting his virgin missionary cock in his companions wet hole…

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