Edge Of Desire – Scene 1

Studio: Gay Hoopla

It was finals week for Ken Otts local college and he had to really get some cramming in. Already stressed, anxious, and tired, Ken was completely distracted with Phillip Anadarko just laughing his happy big ass off at the TV. After several times asking Phillip to nicely shut his mouth, Phillip came over to rub Kens neck. Phillip understood how much stress and pressure Ken was dealing with at the moment, so decided hed just blow him. Ken obviously could use a release because now both heads were throbbing. Phillip decides he wants to take it to the next level and grabs Ken by the hand and pulls him into the room. Pull your pants down Ken, Im fucking you. Phillip starts fucking Ken until he squirts and moans. Just when Ken thinks its his turn, Phillip pushed him back onto the bed and said,You aint going anywhere you little nerd, Im getting Max. Max Summerfield comes strolling in and demands Ken blow him. Max then throws Kens punk ass on the bed and decides to drill his man hole. Ken begins to scream loud words of poetry. Ohhhh? Ahhh? Ohhhh?.Uhhhh. Kens tired of being the little hoe so he jumps on top of Maxs cock. After a few different positions, Kens fat booty cant handle anymore. Max couldnt help but bursting all over Kens smooth tight ass. After a final kiss Ken was ready to finally get off himself, problem is? Max thought he should get back to work and gave him a good ole bitch slap across the face. Needless to say, Ken needs to get back to work. Hes got finals tomorrow.

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