Dre and Legacy


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Legacy’s back after nearly a year, and the cute, skinny teen has agreed to try taking it in the ass once again! I’ve been trying for almost a year to convince legacy to try bottoming on camera again, but it wasn’t until the skeptical 19-year-old met bba’s newest "top" dre that he finally agreed to give it another try. There was an instant attraction and chemistry between legacy and dre that is exciting to watch, and it seemed to push both of them outside of their comfort zones in an effort to please each other. It starts with legacy standing up to show off his big, bulging dick and the cute, tempting ass popping up and out of his sagging jeans, giving the horny "top" an enticing sneak peek at the coveted prize he’ll be enjoying a little bit later. There’s lots of nervous laughter and playful energy as both guys flirt and joke around with each other, even making a bet as to who will have the most hickeys by the end of the night! Legacy’s huge dick stands straight in the air as dre begins to kiss and caress the cute teen’s smooth, naked body. This leads to some passionate kissing and a sloppy-wet blowjob from legacy definitely the best head we’ve seen from legacy so far! The obvious chemistry between these two guys also leads to another one of this scene’s hot surprises masculine "top" dre reluctantly agreeing, after lots of embarrassed laughter, to suck dick on camera for the very first time! It’s not long before dre is flipping legacy over onto his stomach and diving in for a taste of the younger boy’s ass. But the ultimate goal of this scene was to see legacy’s cute, off-limits ass get split open by dre’s thick, curved dick. After getting legacy’s tight, pretty hole nice and wet with some hungry ass-eating, dre rolls a condom onto his eager, rock-hard dick and slowly buries it in the reluctant teen’s near-virgin ass…..

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