Dr Wolf’s House Guest – Caleb – Chapter 2


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Dr. Wolf couldn’t wait for Caleb to stop by once his day had ended. Nothing took the mind off of a stressful series of appointments more than cuddling with a horny, tiny boy! Dr. Wolf loved extending his hospitality to his sexy patients, and Caleb was eager to be close to the tall man again.Caleb knew it was a little irregular to spend the night with his doctor, but the way he felt standing next to him was like nothing else! He felt so small, so protected, so wanted and precious. And Dr. Wolf’s size was only outdone by his handsome looks and warm, affectionate smile. Caleb desperately wanted to make him happy and to be his good little boy…Dr. Wolf took …Dr. Wolf took off Caleb’s clothes as soon as he came into the bedroom. Ever since he saw the boy’s smooth skin in his office, he couldn’t get enough! He was irresistible with his little body and sweet eyes. The sight of him exposed, vulnerable, and open made the doctor’s cock swell to full strength!Caleb still couldn’t believe how massive Dr. Wolf’s cock was next to him! It was a giant tool that gave the young bottom pause, remembering how it filled him before with such intensity. If he hadn’t already taken it, he’d doubt it was even possible! And sensing Caleb’s fear, Dr. Wolf leaned in and kissed him, turning the small boy’s concern into craving.Dr. Wolf removed his own clothes and mounted himself behind the tiny bottom. He pressed the head of his manhood up against his hole, feeling it gently push into Caleb’s flesh. The boy struggled, but Dr. Wolf waited patiently for his body to receive him. And with a soft cooing sound, Caleb felt his muscles relax and open to take each girthy inch of his giant top…Dr. Wolf’s torso rose over Caleb as he moved his way in deeper. With their incredible size difference, Caleb was completely eclipsed by the bigger man’s body. He stayed locked under the canopy of the strong top, tethered to him by his bare cock pounding deep into him!Dr. Wolf wrapped his legs around Caleb’s body, holding his arms tightly as he laid his full weight on top of him. Caleb felt himself at the older man’s mercy, bound by his size and intensity. Dr. Wolf’s hips changed gears, drilling into the little boy in an attempt to work out all of his desires and tension. And as he dominated the young man, the doctor felt himself getting closer and closer to filling him up with a well-earned load…

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