Delan Benobe

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Santiago Rodriguez is introduced to new-comer Delan Benobe and gay sex history is made. Delan is in the library stroking his cock when Santiago walks in with his equally impressive cock hard and exposed. Dropping to his knees, Delan begins sucking on Santiago’s huge cock making sure that he pleasures every centimeter of his glistening cock. Santiago beats, teases, taunts and fucks Delan’s mouth with his extraordinary cock. The guys swap and Santiago takes Delan’s sumptuous cock into his mouth and works his way up and down his extra long cock shaft. The guys swap again and this time Santiago finds himself laying on his back on the desk with his legs spread and Delan’s huge cock gently nudging his smooth ass. Delan penetrates Santiago’s ass and begins with a slow rhythmic fucking that builds to a more energetic pace. As Delan’s pace strengthens he pulls out numerous times then rams his cock back into Santiago’s hungry hole. Time for another swap and this time Delan bends over the desk and Santiago plunges his rock-hard cock deep within Delan’s awaiting ass. Santiago gives Delan’s ass a deep and hard fucking as both men’s cocks are reaching their apex of strength. Another swap and Delan is squatting down onto Santiago’s straining cock. Both men’s balls have drawn up tight and ready to explode as Delan thrusts his ass down hard onto Santiago’s cock as his own cock sways with the pleasure that fills it with every deep thrust. Delan grinds down hard onto Santiago’s cock and churns his ass so that Santiago’s cock can touch every aspect of his ass. All this stimulation brings Delan to the edge as he grabs his cock and unleashes his creamy load of cum. Santiago grabs his own cock and strokes out his thick load of cum as Delan leans in and begins to clean the cum from Santiago’s cock with his hungry tongue. Looks like a shinning star is on the horizon.
Santiago Rodriguez and Delan Benobe pose naked for photos with their huge, hard cocks out. Then Santiago and Delan compare their cocks to see whose is bigger.Later we see Delan riding Santiago’s big dick. Then we see Delan getting fucked by Santiago from behind.(BTS)

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