Darren gets casted – Film911


Release Year: 2019
Studio: Film911

Dr. Smith thanks Darren for coming and explains that this video is going on his website to advertise his hypnotherapy business. Dr. Smith states he just wants to use Darren as a demo patient and states most of his clients are people looking to work on fitness and diet. Darren agrees to try and jokes even he needs to work on his diet and then states his only rule is no nudity or anything sexual. Dr. Smith states he was thinking of having Darren be shirtless or maybe even naked to attract more views as Darren states he rather keep his clothes on. Dr. Smith asks if he’d be willing to act like he was and maybe do some silly things like act like a chicken and Darren again states he doesn’t want to do anything humiliating and states he was told all he had to do on the phone was pretend to be asleep. Dr. Smith pulls out his pendulum as he begins counting from 5 to 1 Darren continues watching and as Dr. Smith hits 1 falls into trance. Dr. Smith walks over to Darren to see if he’s actually or just acting and moves his head which lifeless falls back down to his chest and even picks up his arms and drops them. He then wonders aloud if this is just acting and asks Darren if he’s awake and gets no answer. He then tells Darren when he wakes up he will believe they haven’t started yet and begin picking his nose and not realize he’s doing it.
Darren is woken up and immediately stick his finger up his nose and begins digging for gold as he asks Dr. Smith about when they are going to begin and more information about what exactly he wants him to do when “”. Dr. Smith tells Darren they’ve actually already started and asks Darren if he feels any different. Dr. Smith puts Darren back to sleep and tells him now when waking he will pick his nose with both hands at once and still not realize he’s doing it. He’s woken up again and now is picking his nose on both sides with both hands, Dr. Smith asks again if Darren feels any different and he states he doesn’t. Dr. Smith then asks if he can take some photos of Darren for the site and Darren agrees. Darren asks if he should do some pose to make it look like he’s and Dr. Smith laughs and states his current look is enough. Dr. Smith takes a couple photos *close ups of Darren’s face, with him smiling and blissfully unaware*, with Darren still picking his nose with one finger in each nostril, before putting him back to sleep.

Format: mp4
Duration: 22:28
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 8064kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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