Dallen and Chris Fuck After Hours (720p,1080p)


Cast: Dallen, Chris
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

It’d seem we have an insatiable ass eater on our hands with Dallen, given how hungrily he’s rimmed some of his fellow CF studs up to this point and how he does that with Chris here. Who among us wouldn’t dive into Chris’ flawless ass head first though, right? But really, Dallen can’t seem to get enough of it and we probably could have let him tongue Chris’ hole through the entirety of this episode and he’d have been happy. As much as Chris clearly loved having Dallen eat it out, though, I suspect Chris was glad Dallen was down to fuck it just as enthusiastically. This After Hours episode is all about Chris’ hole getting worked over from start to finish. Whether by Dallen’s tongue or a furious and relentless pounding from Dallen’s dick, Chris is just holding on for dear life throughout and taking all of what Dallen dishes out – precisely what Chris loves to be doing most of all!

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Total size: 1.5 GB in 2 files.