Dale Savage & Isaac Parker – My Younger Lover – Now That I’ve Graduated


Release Year: 2023
Genres: bareback porn
Video language: English

Isaac Parker is wearing a graduation cap and gown as he knocks on the door to his teacher’s house. The teacher, Dale Savage, answers the door and is delighted but surprised to see him, especially since it seems he came straight from the graduation ceremony that both of them just attended. Isaac says he hopes that Dale doesn’t mind him coming over unannounced, but Dale had offered his home address to members of their school’s gay-straight alliance club (which Dale helps moderate) in case they ever needed to talk about personal issues. Dale says indeed he did, and worries that Isaac might be in some kind of trouble, but Isaac assures Dale that it’s nothing that serious. But there IS something he wanted to talk about. Once invited inside, Isaac slowly works up the courage to confess why he’s really here – Isaac has felt an attraction to Dale for many months now, and he believes Dale is attracted to him too since he’s felt a spark from him many times. Dale tries to deny this, but it’s clear that he’s hiding his true feelings. Isaac explains that they don’t need to repress their true feelings for each other – Isaac is over 18, so he’s a consenting adult, and now that he’s graduated there are no ethical or professional concerns towards their being together. It’s no longer a teacher and student, but just two men with feelings for each other. Dale tries to bring up other arguments – what society might think, what would happen if his parents found out, and besides this young man doesn’t want an old-timer like him anyways when there’s so many sexy men his own age – but Isaac protests that none of that matters to him. Isaac has been holding back his feelings towards Dale for months now – now that he’s graduated, it’s time to finally act on them. Dale lets go of his reservations, and they come together for a sensual kiss that leads to more.

Format: mp4
Duration: 46:00
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 3014kbps
Audio: 155kbps

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