Czech Hunter Pt.710: Vasek Starek (720p,1080p)


Cast: Vasek Starek
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

This beefed-up and tattooed stud worked in finance. He probably wasn’t very good at it because when I asked about his salary, all he did was complain. I met the guy during his lunch break, so it wasn’t easy to make him skip the rest of the day. It required a lot of effort. I thought it was because being greedy but soon I realized he was also horny. The dude got way more relaxed at my place and agreed to do everything I proposed. And it wasn’t even that expensive. I think he enjoyed touching my body and played with my horny boner nicely. His ass had a beautiful shape, and the inside was even better. I enjoyed ramming that delicious hole a lot. My new friend had a great time too. In the end, he emptied his massive balls right on my body. I bet it’d been weeks since his last orgasm. It tasted incredibly.

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