Czech Hunter part 594


Tomas was a handsome and funny young man. I met him on his way from the gym, which was great because we had something to talk about. The guy was curious about my camera so first I had to explain him very carefully what I do. He moved to Prague recently and was looking for work since then. That was definitely something I was able to help him with. Tomas was a bit cold so we moved into my office. Things went super smoothly with this dude. He wanted money badly and he knew what he was doing. Of course, he was a bit intimidated by my cock but agreed not only to suck it but also put it up his beautiful asshole. It was just a matter of money. I don’t often meet guys, who enjoy being fucked hard. This cutie was different. I even jerked him off while fucking his lovely ass. And he thanked me for it.

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