Curious Boy – My Beautiful Boy – Tape 3


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I loved seeing Richie open up. The young guy is still so stuck in his shell, but getting him undressed and skin to skin felt like a real step in the right direction. Of course, I can’t deny that it was good for me. Seeing him bare and receptive to my manhood was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever experienced. I could tell he enjoyed it, but he’s still hesitant to talk about it.I’m not an idiot. I know what we did was unexpected and a little unorthodox. But I love the kid. And I want him to know that. He knows he’s supposed to think of it as wrong, but I still catch him looking at me every now and again, clearly thinking of what we did and wanting more. I don’t want to push him or freak him out, so I’ve given him time to warm up to the idea of doing it again.One day after …One day after a run, the two of us came inside and immediately began to strip down for a shower. I’ve basically lost all desire to cover up around him, so I was quick to take off my shorts, shirt, and jock and head right into the bathroom.I couldn’t have been gone more than 5 minutes before I returned back to my room to grab my phone when I saw Richie throwing himself down on the bed, face down and grinding like a cat in heat.I didn’t know what he was doing, but it was clear I stumbled upon a private moment. I playfully asked what he was doing, curious by this behavior. He quickly jumped up and moved himself into a position where he was hiding something behind him.What was I supposed to do? I walked over and asked to see what he had. To my surprise, he was holding my jock in his hand, clutching it like it was some secret, precious thing he didn’t want me to see. My jock. My sweaty, well worn jock that was still covered in the scent of my nuts.I knew then what he was doing. The little pervert was sniffing it and getting off in secret! I couldn’t help cracking a smile. I was definitely tickled and amused, but also happy to see him expressing his desires.I took off my towel, still covered in the same sweat and scent as the jock. I asked him if he wanted to take a sniff of the real thing.The pause in his eyes was palpable. Even though my gesture was open and without any conditions, I watched as he did the calculations in his head about whether or not he should do it. I stood still, not pressuring, not judging, just letting my ripe cock and balls hang free between my legs as he made his decision. Then, to my delight, he leaned in…His soft, smooth face moved against my loins, kissing and sniffing my dick. It instantly began to get hard, feeling the warmth of my boy’s breath against me. I wanted him to want me. Not just to satisfy my carnal desires, but to make our connection even stronger. I wanted him to know he could trust me. That I would take care of him. And I would be anything and everything I could to him.As his lips parted and he took me into his mouth, I knew I was going to have to fuck him again. The stirring in my loins was so strong and intense that I could have cum just from him licking my shaft. But I held off. I wanted to hold him in my arms and make him feel loved. I wanted him to feel it in his heart as I was flooding his hole with my seed. It needed to mean something…

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