Craig Marks and Sean Weiss


Top salesman Craig Marks isn’t too happy when he finds out that he’s missed most of his company’s work retreat, but fortunately for him, Sean Weiss is still hanging around and ready to show him a good time. After a race around their boss’ Spanish villa, Sean rushes up the stairs and finds himself ‘accidentally’ pulling down Craig’s pants to expose his coworker’s bare ass. Craig doesn’t seem to mind though and invites the ginger stud to have a taste. Now completely naked on the stairs, the two transition into countless unimaginable positions to rim, suck, and fuck bareback. Once Craig finishes riding Sean, the two move locations to defile their boss’ living room with Craig now taking a turn on top. Some more passionate flip-fucking between the businessmen quickly leads to both spewing hot loads all over Craig’s ripped torso.

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