Cortez and Michael Galletta


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While i take some time to regroup, recruit, and get back into the full swing of production again after a brief hiatus due to the recent website redesign, i’m returning to bba’s roots this weekend with a digitally remastered and much-requested re-release of an early bba classic that hasn’t been available to bba’s viewers for over five years. Don’t miss the controversial interracial scene that inspired the bba logo and was one of the first to explore the theme of cocky straight black boys reluctantly compromising their "manhood" for cash. If you like your thugs slim, young, and cute, looking like they’re barely out of high school, you’re going to love cortez. I swear this boy’s body doesn’t have an ounce of fat! Cortez looks a little bit like the rapper mos def’s cute younger . He carries himself with a cocky, “i know i look good” swagger, and after seeing what’s hanging between this boy’s legs, i sure as hell don’t blame him! His heavy, low-dangling balls will also have you drooling in no time, and his tight, high-arching butt is damn near flawless. Between short-lived jobs with fast-food restaurants and temp agencies, cortez sells drugs and is always looking for ways to make the most amount of money with the least amount of work. He spent most of last year locked up on weapons-possession charges, and now spends most of his days , getting high, fucking “bitches,” and playing “spades” with his “homeboys.” Every time i approached cortez with the idea of doing anything with a guy, he always turned down my offers with the kind of confidence and certainty that had me almost convinced this was one straight thug who was not for sale! I finally grew so desperate to get my hands on cortez that i offered him nearly twice what i paid jay for his scene in “every straight thug has a price” (which was already an outrageously high amount)! Even then, cortez initially refused. It wasn’t until several weeks later that i got a call from him late one night, telling me that some pressing financial problems had finally changed his mind. This video captures every erotically charged minute of cortez’s “corruption” at the hands of an older gay man. It is over a full hour of “gay for pay” porn at its bleak and wicked best, and not for the easily offended! Cortez takes a seat on the bed, looking impatient to get the night over with. When i bring up the topic of his first “gay for pay” video, he makes it clear that what he’s agreed to do in the video is strictly for the financial reward. “i ain’t never really thought that something like this would happen,” he explains. When i ask him what’s going through his head, he says, “just to get this over with for real.” Cortez kneels on the bed and i move in behind him, reaching around to grope his still-clothed legs and torso. I nuzzle his neck and slowly strip him out of his clothes. I grab my first greedy handfuls of his dick, balls, and ass. “what are you thinking right now?” i ask. “it’s wurrd,” he says, his body tensing defensively. I mention how lucky i am to have the privilege of enjoying his hot ass for the night. “don’t get used to it!” he snaps. Cortez lies on his back with his mouth clenched shut as i kiss him on the neck and lips. I pry his mouth open with my fingers and tongue. I shove my tongue down deep to lick around the inside of his cigarette-flavored mouth. “is that weird?” i ask cortez. “this whole thing is wurrd!” he exclaims. Testing cortez’s boundaries a little further, i strip down to my boxers, crawl on top of him, and dry-hump his tense naked body. “if you was a girl, this wouldn’t be half bad!” he jokes in one of the evening’s rare flashes of humor. Next, cortez lies on his back and receives his first blowjob from another guy. There’s a generous amount of dick-sucking and ball-slurping here, including some great close-up shots. Despite my best efforts, cortez’s dick is very slow to respond, but eventually it grows hard in my mouth. Cortez looks a little surprised when i tell him that i want to eat his ass. “whatever floats your boat,” he says, shaking his head. He leans over on his elbows and knees, jutting his beautiful brown butt in the air. I dive in for a taste, digging my tongue deep in his sweet virgin hole. Cortez reacts to the new sensations with a range of amusing facial expressions. As part of our expensive agreement, cortez lies on his back, spreads his legs, and lets me penetrate his ass with my fingers. I wet my index finger with lube and push it very slowly past the clenched outer ring of his unbelievably tight asshole. He grimaces and gasps as i slowly push it in and out. Next, i try the middle finger, followed by both the middle and index fingers. I pry cortez open until i’m finally able to finger-fuck him (getting some great close-up shots in the process). I savor every thrilling, thug-corrupting minute, but the experience is clearly not much fun for cortez. There are even a couple moments when cortez seems to come very close to kicking my ass and storming out of the room. As the action intensifies, cortez’s attitude only gets worse. He glares at the camera when i remind him of his agreement to suck my dick. “i don’t really want to do it,” he scowls, “but for the money you payin’ me….” He squats on the floor, shuts his eyes in disgust, takes a deep breath, and proceeds to give the kind of clumsy, out-of-breath, lots-of-teeth blowjob that i guess one has to expect from a straight boy! (look carefully and you’ll see the painful bite-marks on my dick!). Determined to get my money’s worth (and annoyed by cortez’s increasingly shitty attitude), i don’t go out of my way to make things easy for him. I tell him to suck on my balls. I make him lick up and down the shaft of my dick. I grab his head with both hands and fuck his face. I sit down on the bed while he leans over me and bobs his face stiffly up and down on my dick. I push cortez onto his back and hump his exhausted face. Finally, i kneel by his side and pump a large creamy load onto cortez’s chest (he refused to let me cum on his face). After hastily cleaning himself off, cortez closes his eyes and jacks his dick until he cums on his stomach. I wrap things up by asking a clearly relieved and friendlier cortez a few questions about his first “gay for pay” experience. “i ain’t know how to take it,” he explains. “it wasn’t nothin’ i’d want to try again!”.

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