Corbin Fisher – Marco Dicks Dane 1080p


Release Year: 2021
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Cast: Marco, Dane
Genres: Anal, Bareback, Gay, Latino, Oral, Porn

I gotta say, I was quite surprised – pleasantly so – Marco both that agreed to giving some guy/guy action a shot, and that the took so well to it! Granted, Roman being the one to break him in likely helped with that, and helped make Marco’s first experience a great one. Now, Marco’s back for action and it’s with another stud who was surely going to make the experience a great one for him – Dane! Dane’s looking mighty fine in this one! I think you’ll notice this as the episode starts up, as well – just something about his hair, tan, and smile as the footage gets going that has him looking hotter than ever! Marco seems to agree Dane’s looking hot as fuck, as Marco spends the first several minutes here between Dane’s legs, eagerly sucking Dane’s rock-hard cock. While Dane’s the one getting fucked here, he’s also the more experienced of the two and so helps guide Marco along, giving him the encouragement and feedback he needs, telling him what to do, and keeping the action flowing. After feeding his dick to Marco, Dane then has Marco get naked so he can return the oral favor, and that leads to a super hot 69. Not one to hold anything back, Marco then goes from 69ing wtih Dane to devouring Dane’s hole – and I mean devouring! He gets his tongue deep in there and literally makes out with Dane’s ass. It’s only Marco’s second guy/guy episode and already he’s putting on an ass-eating master class! It’s enough to get Dane desperate for Marco’s fat dick in his hole, and Marco finally tears his face away from Dane’s ass to oblige that. With the big, thick dick Marco’s wielding, it’s a good thing he eats ass like such a champ and gets Dane’s hole so wet and ready as a long, hard fuck follows that ends in two huge loads!

Format: mp4
Duration: 22:27
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 5804kbps
Audio: 184kbps

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a17b64fdb645e4db20c3202898a91d93 e09a8787f21ac01333ee9aab9911089c

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