Connor Taylor, Aiden Asher and Johnny Hunter


Three hot guys are on the couch, warming up the room as they take turns kissing and petting each other. Aiden is in the middle of hot studs Connor and Johnny, and loving the attention. Their clothes come off in no time, and they begin to jerk off together. Aiden tosses his head back when Connor and Johnny begin biting his nipples while jerking him off at the same time. Before long, their tongues starting licking up and down Aiden’s hard cock, and they take turns sucking him off.
The oral action continues as the boys rotate getting their dick sucked by the other two. Johnny especially loves being in the hot seat, and he persuades Connor and Aiden to rim his hole too. That gets Connor excited enough to want a piece of his ass. He gets Johnny on all fours and begins fucking him doggy style, while Connor gets in front of Johnny and puts his cock in his mouth. Johnny is being sandwiched by the guys as they take turns pounding him.
When Aiden looks at Connor’s large cock long enough, he decides he wants to be in the middle too, and motions Connor to get behind him and thrust into him while he continues pounding Johnny hard. The three-way doggy style heats up the room as all three guys moan in pleasure.
When they switch to missionary, the loads of cum erupt from the guys, starting with Aiden who cums on his back while getting fucked hard by Johnny. Johnny follows suit after he takes more of Connor’s dick, and then the boys pin Connor down on the couch and bite his nipples until Connor shoots a huge load on the couch. They end in a triple kiss, and a sigh of satisfaction.

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