Colton Wolfe and JJ Pinkman


Colton and JJ can be seen passionately making out in just their underwear. Colton is wearing a pair of blue plaid boxers, while JJ’s briefs are a bright red color. Their bare chests are pressed together as they exchange hungry kisses, each one more intense than the last. The air is thick with desire while these two handsome men explore each other’s bodies with eager hands and lips. As soon as Colton sees JJ’s hard cock, he quickly grabs hold of it with his mouth and begins sucking on it passionately. His tongue moves in circles around the tip of JJ’s penis while his hands gently squeeze and caress the shaft. As JJ takes hold of Colton’s massive erection, he immediately starts sucking away with his expertise in making it wet and messy. Spit and saliva are already starting to drip down the length of the shaft as JJ’s lips wrap around the tip, eagerly waiting for more. The sound of slurping can be heard from afar as JJ continues to work his magic on Colton’s rock-hard cock.

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