ColbyKnox – Waking Up Sunny D

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Who would have thought Sunny D looks even cuter when he sleeps? This week’s ColbyKnox video starts with the hottie in bed; a blanket coming up to his armpit. Such a great view of his studly arm! Sunny wakes up, hearing licking sounds. He lifts the blanket and who is lapping his sweet hole? Mickey Knox! Mickey enjoys getting reamed by thick dick. However, he also can’t resist a juicy ass. And Sunny’s backside is the juiciest. "Oh, fuck." Sunny moans. Mickey eats the boy hole like a last meal, savoring it all. Mickey pulls up to place some kisses on Sunny’s lips. "Good morning," Mickey says. After a sexy smile, he returns to the booty. "Eat that hole," Sunny instructs. "Taste so good," Mickey observes. He pulls the cheeks apart, spitting on the hole. "You’re so beautiful," Mickey observes. He takes a drop of pre-cum from his member, mixing it with the saliva covering the hole. "You’re going to give it to me," Sunny wonders. Mickey nods. He places his dick at the portal and gently pushes the head in. "Oh, fuck," Sunny moans. "You’re so big." The rest of the meat slowly parts Sunny’s cheeks. “Fuck. You’re so deep," he whimpers. "Fuck me." Mickey picks up the pace. "You like that hole," Sunny wonders. "Oh, yeah," Mickey replies on the down stroke. Sunny grabs Mickey’s ass, hoping to push him as deep as he can go. "Holy, fucking shit," Mickey utters. "That feels so good," Sunny sobs. He wants to do some riding. So Mickey slowly pulls out and gets on his back. Sunny straddles Mickey’s meat, swallowing it with his ass. "Fuck, yes," Mickey groans as his dong separates Sunny’s cheeks. Soon Sunny picks up the pace. Mickey places his hands on the two globes of ass flesh, making sure Sunny feels every inch. "Fuck, yeah," Mickey says. Ride that cock." Mickey slaps Sunny’s ass so hard he leaves a hand print. Sunny is too into what’s happening to even notice or care. "Oh, yeah," he says. "That’s the spot." The bed is rocking and rolling. The boys change positions. This time Sunny is on his back, a leg in the air. When Mickey is back inside of Sunny, he pummels away. "Just like that," Sunny moans, beating his johnson. "You are so tight," Mickey sighs. He’s stretching that hole to the max. Mickey pulls out and the two lay next to each other, jerking their joysticks. Mickey busts first. The first stream hits his chest. The rest covers his stomach. "Damn. That’s a lot," Sunny declares. Mickey leans over and nibbles on Sunny’s nipple. "Want to put your finger in me," Sunny asks. Mickey, an obliging host, lubes up. He fingers Sunny, kissing that tender nipple. Sunny’s jack off speed picks up. His nut is as impressive as Mickey’s. The first shot of man milk lands on Sunny’s chest. Mickey, however, doesn’t believe in waste. He puts his mouth on Sunny’s knob, licking up the remaining cum. He then laps what’s on Sunny’s chest, swallowing all of that yummy juice. With some jizz still on his lips, he leans in for a kiss. "That was so much fun," Mickey announces. “That felt good," Sunny replies. Hope you feel like they do! Enjoy!

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