ColbyKnox – Colby and Mickey Tag-Team Kylan Kiddo


Release Year: 2022
Studio: ColbyKnox
Cast: Kylan Kiddo, Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox
Genres: 69, anal, bareback, gay, group, oral, porn, threesome

This week’s ColbyKnox release starts off strong with Kylan Kiddo and Colby Chambers sprawled out on the couch, passionately sucking each other off. Mickey Knox is excited to join in, rushing onto said couch while giving the camera a knowing glance. Mickey starts kissing the back of his husband’s neck and back which makes Colby moan out while still sucking on Kylan’s thick cock. Colby lets his husband join in on the fun by giving up Kylan’s cock so Mickey can have his fun sucking away. Colby leans back above Kylan, "Oh fuck yeah, stick your tongue out" Colby pleads as he lowers his hefty balls aloft Kylan’s eager mouth. Kylan is happy to oblige and begins licking every inch of Colby’s sack. After giving thanks to their online audience these hunks decide to try something a little different. Mickey takes his now rock hard cock and holds it right against Kylan’s massive member. Colby sees an opportunity and opens his mouth as wide as possible to suck both of their dicks at the same time. Kylan looks absolutely astonished, this doesn’t happen to him everyday after all. Once Colby’s done with that Herculean maneuver Mickey returns to using his mouth to passionately suck off Kylan while Colby massages Kylan’s thick massive balls. Mickey takes a break from his oral services and Kylan is beaming with joy from all the sucking that’s just occurred. The three continue with Mickey sucking on Kylan’s perky nipples and Colby sliding his long cock into Kylan’s willing mouth. Mickey of course decides to go back to sucking Kylan’s massive 8 inch cock, practically gagging on it at times, could you blame him? We later fade to Colby and Kylan returning to sucking each other off as fast as their bodies will let them: they have no intentions of stopping anytime soon. Colby eventually decides to sit up and let his cock stand all the way up, Kylan wastes no time going to work sucking away as he additionally gets his cock felt up by Colby. "Oh yeah, Goddamn like that! It feels so fucking good!" Colby cries out. Mickey comes back into frame and takes Kylan’s spot but don’t worry, Kylan will soon return. "Lucky me", Colby laughs as his husband once begins to suck his cock. Colby’s initially taking it easy with his husband, slowly guiding Mickey’s mouth up and down his lengthy cock. He can’t hold back for long and swiftly transitions into fully facefucking Mickey. They switch sides with Mickey now facefucking Colby leading to Colby moaning intensely; he would probably be screaming in ecstasy if his mouth wasn’t full. The two lovers continuously switch who’s sucking and who is receiving the suck as they continue to moan out, spank, and kiss each other as they wait for Kylan’s return. When Kylan returns the two are quick to pounce back on him and continue where the three left off, with cocks in mouths. However, it wont be long before they take it to the next level. "You gonna take his big dick babe?" Colby asks his husband. "Mmhmm, can definitely do that." Mickey responds, "Give it the ol’ college try". They laugh for a bit but Mickey is quick to lube up Kylan’s cock and get ready for the ride of his life. Mickey slowly lowers himself and starts taking Kylan’s thick dick into his willing hole. The two laugh out in surprise when Colby unexpectedly leans onto the couch next to them, bringing Mickey down onto Kylan’s immense penis a little faster than he planned to. After laughing off the situation Kylan slowly starts to thrust into Mickey while both Colby and Kylan playfully slap at Mickey’s ass. Colby is enjoying the display in front of him, slowly rubbing his hard erect cock and switching between kissing his husband and feeling up Kylan’s big balls. Out of nowhere Kylan ramps up the speed and Mickey goes crazy screaming out in joyful ecstasy. "Yeah fucking ride my cock!" Kylan yells out, and Mickey is happy to do so. The two continue to fuck hard and fast while Colby slaps Mickey’s ass, enjoying the show. Colby then decides to stand up on the couch and stick the tip of his dick right in Mickey’s mouth. Mickey is now bouncing on Kylan’s humongous cock while furiously sucking off his husband and you can tell he is loving every second of it. We then fade to Colby eating out Kylan’s ass and lubing up his cock. He slowly begins to push into Kylan’s ass and lick Kylan’s ear. After adjusting to the new sensation Colby speeds up and pounds away into Kylan’s tight hole and both are practically screaming in ecstasy. Colby flips Kylan over onto his back and breeds him raw until he’s ready to come. The two scream out as Colby fills up Kylan’s ass and Mickey gives us a good look at the result: Kylan’s beautiful hole leaking out Colby’s hot load.

Format: mp4
Duration: 33:40
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 6120kbps
Audio: 124kbps

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