Colby Chambers and Tyler Tanner

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This week Colby Chambers gets to have fun with newbie Tyler Tanner. They start on the bed, smooching and feeling each other up. "You want my cock in your mouth," Colby wonders. "I do," Tyler replies. "Really bad.” Tyler doesn’t waste anytime. He opens wide and swallows it. Colby face fucks him, and some drool leaks out of Tyler’s mouth. However, the newbie doesn’t stop. His nose nestles in Colby’s bush. "Take those fucking shorts off," Colby commands. Tyler does so and Colby gives the newbie’s ass some slaps. "Fuck. Your precum tastes amazing," Tyler observes. Colby grabs Tyler’s neck and uses his throat. Soon it’s time to eat Tyler’s hole. He gets folded in half; his knees parallel to his ears. He moans the moment Colby’s tongue flicks the hole. The whimpers get louder when he’s finger fucked. Colby leaves a wad of spit in Tyler’s hole. Then he adds his bare johnson. "Take it all," he commands. "Take the whole fucking thing." Tyler does but all of that meat makes the newbie groan to the gods. Colby deep dicks him. "Please wreck my boy pussy," he pleads. "My pussy." Check out Colby’s look when he glances at the camera. "This is how you wreck boy pussy," his eyes seem to say. Poor Tyler. Half of him is off the bed, but he doesn’t ask for Colby to slow down. Colby pulls him up, allowing Tyler to squat. "Your ass feels so fucking good," Colby says. "Your dick is driving me nuts," Tyler replies. He spits in his hand and jerks himself, going up and down on Colby’s wood. That doesn’t last for long because Colby is possessed. He grabs Tyler’s cheeks and fucks upward. Each stroke to the balls. "Goddamn you’re fucking sexy," Colby murmurs. "You’re so fucking hot," Tyler sighs. There’s only so much Tyler can take. He pops a copious load, coating Colby’s abs. "That’s so fucking hot," Colby states. "You drenched me." It’s Colby’s turn to nut. Tyler gets on his hands and knees. Colby’s shaft parts those pillowy cheeks. "Take it," Colby instructs. "Take it." I’ll take your dick," Tyler answers. "Does it feel good," Colby wonders. "It feels so good," Tyler replies. He puts his face on the bed as Colby drills down. "You biting those sheets," Colby wonders. All Tyler can do is sob. "Oh, break me.” ”Look at me when I breed you," Colby commands. "Fucking breed me," Tyler begs. Colby’s seed fills Tyler up. When he pulls out, Colby’s man milk covers Tyler’s cheeks and the opening of his hole. Colby pushes his dick back in to make sure Tyler gets all of his cum. After you have cleaned yourself up, make sure to watch Tyler’s post-scene interview. You’ll learn what he did before porn and what type of sex he likes.

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