Cody Smith And James Dawn


Studio: Brokestraightboys

Even the kisses between Cody Smith and James Dawn are passionate and eager, both of them wanting more, wanting to taste each other. And thats exactly what James does as he pulls Codys pants off and wraps his lips around that thick cock, massaging it with his mouth and hand. Cody steals a few more kisses from James before going down on him next, deepthroating that long shaft and playing with and sucking on his big balls.
Cody turns James around and eats his ass, his wet tongue rimming and teasing Jamess tight hole, preparing him for that big dick. When they both want something more than oral, James bends over and Cody pushes his pulsing prick into him, letting him warm up to that big cock before fucking him hard. Cody pounds James with that raw dick, filling him up and dominating him, position him how he wants as he stretches that hole around his throbbing cock. James grabs for his own shaft, stroking himself hard and fast as he takes Codys member until both these guys shoot a huge load, cocks dripping with cum as they catch their breath.

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Duration: 19:10
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