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Coby is back and looking fucking hot I might add! Today is a special day because Coby has had a taste of Robs talents and is returning for more and even more interesting things to get into between a dominant gay guy with a submissive straight guy out of his element. Watch as I blow Coby away and give him the orgasm of his life and I caught it all on tape!
On this occasion I had Cody up on the bed with his legs spread wide and his feet just dangling from the edge of the bed. Once the cameras started rolling i sat down in front of his feet and began massaging his feet through his socks and slowly removing the socks to an aroma that made my dick twitch. I licked and sucked his toes, one by one, then all at the same time almost but I drenched his feet with my juices.
Once I was done there I made my way to his cock and that was only the beginning, Cody was rock hard within minutes and I was bent over the bed blowing like there was no tomorrow and edging him continually we drew closer to the point of no return. I quickly switched up the situation and asked him to pull his legs behind his head so i can eat that ass of his.
I ate his ass like it was the last ass I was going to eat and the quiet demeanor of Coby was telling because the eyes dont lie and Coby was now clinched fists and stiff body as he pointed his toes as I sucked and sucked this boy. Soon he was beginning to give me warnings that he was getting close to cumming and i knew it of course.
As I sat him down on the edge of the bed and knelt down in front him him sucking his cock, I was on a mission and I wasnt going to stop until I had Cobys straight man juices either on my person on in my mouth. You be the judge!

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