Christmas Gift


Studio: Irmãos Dotados

Christmas Present Marrento keeps an eye on Amir Laden as he walks down an avenue with his boyfriend Victor Mancini holding hands. Amir is also interested in him and realizes that Marrento dropped something on the floor, when picking it up, he realizes that it is a card with his phone. Later, Amir calls the number on the card and talks to Marrento who ends up confessing having dropped the card on purpose, as he found Amir very cute and hot, and ends up inviting him to a very hot bitching at his place. Amir accepts the invitation and asks Marrento to send the address via WhatsApp to him. The next morning, Victor Mancini sucks his boyfriend Marrentos cock and makes him hard and eager to have sex, but he ends up realizing hes late for work and leaves the place quickly, leaving him alone. Marrento does not miss the opportunity and calls Amir telling him that his boyfriend has left for work and that it is clean so he called him to his residence for such a very hot bitching. Amir arrives at the place and Marrento welcomes him with kisses and a nice delicious blowjob, the two keep kissing and Amir bends down sucking Marrentos cock too. The two continue the exchange for a while, until Amir asks to fuck Marrentos ass , which soon denies his lovers request. Victor Mancini arrives on time and asks his boyfriend why he is naked and whose clothes are in the armchair next to him. Marrento lies by replying that it is an outfit he had bought as a gift for him. Victor asks to go to the bedroom, but Marrento tries to distract him so he doesnt see his lover in the bedroom, so Amir leaves the room and picks up some Christmas ornaments in the room and dresses with them and goes back to the couples room. Arriving in the room, Victor is surprised to find Amir all dressed up in Christmas ornaments and asks Marrento what it is, so he says it is a gift for him. Victor loves the surprise and falls into his mouth on Amirs thick and delicious cock saying he loved his gift. While Victor sucks Amirs cock, Marrento delights in his boyfriends cock too. The three leave the room and go straight to the living room, where Amir sits in the armchair while the two are insatiably delighted with his cock . After that, the three delight in sucking each others asses , with a delicious triple wedge. Amir puts Victor on all fours and fucks his ass making him moan with lust, while he sucks Marrentos cock. In several exchanges of sexual positions, Victor feels in paradise with two delicious males at his complete disposal. Victor rides Marrento and Amir moaning with pleasure, making them both horny.

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Duration: 31:17
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Audio: 125kbps

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