ChaosMen Chase Rivers & Ransom Serviced


I did warn Ransom that Chase was shy, and to take charge, but I also warned him he was likely going to get a crazy facial.
Both Ransom and Chase jerk-off the same, so I knew Ransom could make Chase cum easily. We had to pause or re-direct a couple times for fear of Chase losing his nut too soon.
Ransom does the initial sucking, but soon after Chase was eager to suck on Ransom. Ransom was highly impressed with Chase’s sucking style, and indicated the guy could easily make him cum.
They manage some 69-sucking on the couch, and props to Chase for a great balancing act.
Next, Ransom rimmed Chase. I could tell Ransom’s beard was tickling him at first, but as he dug in aggressively, Chase really began to enjoy it.
Chase also wanted a chance to rim Ransom’s bubble-butt, and he licked his hole like a pro.
Then to mix things up, Ransom suggested that Chase could easily make him nut.
So, Chase went to work, sucking and jerking Ransom’s cock. He makes him cum, but his inexperience showed and he stopped jerking about halfway through Ransom’s orgasm. Ransom quickly took hold and finished his orgasm.
Then, as promised, Chase jerked-off on to Ransom, with laser beams of cum coating his body and hitting him in the face, and the wall behind him!

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