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Fuck That Twink ( 2007 , Xtreme Productions )

Year: 2007 Country: USA Genre: Oral, Anal, Group sex Length: 01:40:39 Starring: Kameron Scott, Nevin Scott, Quinn Alexander, Alex Dade, Dillon Samuels, Kyros Christian, Jesse Jacobs, Trevin Nills & Tyler Bradley Director: Afton Nills Studio: Xtreme Productions Description: Are you ready for the hottest Xtreme Production film yet? Fuck That Twink, Xtreme’s new Platinum line is filmed in High Definition (formatted for standard DVD) stars 9 hot twinks led by the very hot and talented Dillon Samuels. Newcomer, Kyros Christian and Trevin Nills join this all star cast

Fantasies Of A Pig Bottom (1999)

Production year : 1999 Country : USA Genre : Oral, Anal, Safe sex, Toys, Rimming, Autofellatio Length : 1:26:50 Directed by : Mike Ryan Studio : Atron Productions Cast : Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Eric Evans, Mark Kroner, Mike Nichols, Steve Cassidy, Doug Jeffries, Peter Wilder Description : Plotless raunchfest with scenes tied together by the Fickle Finger of Fuck. (Each scene begins with a close-up of a models finger going into the ass or mouth of another.) Peter Wilder is the pig bottom in the first scene. It starts out in a bathroom with Wilder slobbering all over Mark Kroner’s thick as a tree trunk cock


Suits Year of 2010 The country: Japan Genre: Asian, Oral/Anal Sex, Sperm, Blowjob, Duets, Threesomes, Masturbation, Cumshot Duration: 2:10:38 The size: 1,315,533,544 bytes Studio: KO Company, Eros The description: Film time in the most usual genres of the Asian cinema, guys in suits with ties begin the games… With a finger in an anus Quality: DVDRip The permission: 640×480 Format: AVI Video the codec: XviD Audio the codec: MP3 Video: XviD 1.1.2 Final, 640×480, 2:10:38, 1207 kbps, 29.970 fps Audio: MPEG-1 Layer 3, 48000Hz, 128 kbps CBR, 2 channel (s) File size: 1.2 GB

Fuck me, yeah! (Man’s Art) 2005

Year: 2005 Country: Germany Genre: Oral/Anal ,Group Sex Starring: Rivelli, Basti Oliver, Ronald Laska, Felix Anders, Danny Decker, Philipe Marcus, Frank Bensen, Adrian Winter, Bobby Sebastien, Lucky Asamoa, Jonny Hagen Length: 02:11:30 Director: Marcel Bruckmann Studio: Man’s Art Description: Ronald and Johnny take over the surgery while Dr.

Bare Intentions

Year: 2008 Genre: Twinks, Bareback, Oral, Anal, Cum Eating Length: 2:15:05 Description: Check out these hot ‘n horny young Euro stud-twinks as they concentrate on each other’s juicy bodies … err dicks’ n asses! Constantly erect cuties taking full advantage of their buddies … top or willing bottom ..

Bareback my Boy-Hole!

Production year: 2011 Country: Russland Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Russian, Bareback, Cumshot, Sucking, Twinks Length: 1:41:49 Description:Bareback my Boy-Hole is excellent bareback action from Russia as sexy teen Russian lads open up their tight boyholes to recieve the throbbingly hard cocks of their mates! Seven teen batty boys beg their pals to bareback them and their young friends are only too happy to oblige. Barely legal, the first boy coupling sees two slim lads exploring their budding sexuality. They are certainly not backward in cumming forward as the dark haired lad goes straight in for the kill and wraps his lips around his young pal’s protruding cock.

Boner! Man’s Best Friend (2000)

Year: 2000 Genre: Oral, Anal, Hairy, Daddies, Muscle, Beards Duration: 01:34:25 Director: David Wexler Studio: TitanMen Cast: Eric Masterson, Lance Gear, Ric Hunter, Tom Vaccaro, Mike Roberts, Dean Coulter, Blake Harper These brawny men lock their hairy bodies together like Velcro. Tom Vacarro and handsome Blake Harper devour each other, the rimming’s so good, while husky Ric Hunter, in leather chaps and gauntlets, buries his face and thick cock in the humpy bubble butt of Dean Coulter. Ric’s got two loads for Dean, who gladly shoots one back.

Boner! A man’s best friend.

Year: 2000 Country: USA Genre: anal, bears, hunks, massage, oral, rimming Length: 1:06:05 Description: Yet another winner from Titan. Boner! (Man’s Best Friend) features tons of assplay, huge cocks and several scenes of guys eating up their own loads off their willing partner’s chest and / or face.

Cock Smokers

Year: 2006 Country: USA Genre: Amateurs, Twinks – Young Meat, Anal, Bareback, Big Loads, Cumshots, Muscules, Oral Length: 2:15:50 Directed by: Jim Mason, The Dang Studio: Saggerz Skaterz / Bonerama Starring: Jeremiah Johnson, Mike Roberts, Shane Allen, Ayden James, Justin Jones, Keith Ledger, Dobie Giles, Michael, Stacey. Description: Ayden James-20 year-old Ayden James sent us this home-made audition tape and it has turned into a world wide web smash hit! The smooth horny twink mans the camera, filming himself smoking and stroking in his bed! He fingers his tight hole, lights one smoke after another, and works himself into such a horned-up frenzy he shoot his load right into his own face! And when this boy cums, his whole body gets into it! One of the hottest orgasms weve ever seen! Garage Smoke Orgy-This garage was sweat and smoke filled after this orgy! 18 year-old Justin Avery invited some of his hottest smokin buds over to use his holes-and boy did they! 21 year-old Mike Roberts is the first to get there-this muscular straight boy doesnt mind a hot mouth on his thick uncut cock while he hauls on a smoke! And he gets what he came for! Justin gives Mike a hell of a blowjob when his friend Dobie shows up and joins in! Last to get to the party is Jeremiah Johnson, a 21 year-old who always has a lit smoke goin! Jeremiah gives Justin his thick nine inches in one hot fuck session-and of course he chainsmokes the whole time! Dobie takes his turn on Justins cum covered hole after Jeremiah covers him in his hot load! So many cigarettes in this scene, we lost count! Youll love seeing Justin filled with smoke and cock from both ends! Keith Ledger-Possibly the hottest smoker weve come across! Keith just turned 18 and this is his very first time ever on camera! This boy has a muscular, ripped and smooth body-is a sexy, die-hard smoker-and has a gorgeous 8 inch uncut dick! He puts on a hell of a “show” for us in this shoot! Smoke rings (even blows em down to his throbbin cock!), Trick inhales, and a 1,000-watt smile! We think were in love! You will be too! Mike Roberts-Former Navy boy Mike Roberts shows off some skills he learned on the ship! Pumpin iron while chainsmoking! This 21 year-old straight boy has a hell of a body on him! Big chest and arms and a big dick too! After liftin weights (yep, while smokin!) He turns his attention to his rock hard uncut cock-chainsmoking and stroking until he fires a thick white load onto his sixpack. Shane & Jeremiah-The two most beautiful smoking twinks of all time together in one hot fuckfest! 20 year-old twink superstar Shane invites the equally gorgeous Jeremiah over for a lesson in smoke tricks and things get pretty hot right away! The 21 year-old shows young Shane how to blow smoke rings and then the two wrestle and rip each others undies off! Before long Shane slides between Jeremiahs legs and blows smoke on his big, hard cock and swallows almost all nine inches! The two swap smokey blowjobs before Jeremiah flips Shanes smooth ass into the air, blowing smoke into Shanes quivering hole before giving him his raging bone! Shane bottoms like a champ, begging Jeremiah to fuck him “harder!” and “deeper!” and makes sure he keeps a smoke going the whole time! After fucking Shane in several positions, Jeremiah drops one super-sized cum load! Video quality: DVDRip Video Format: AVI Video: Xvid 640×480 29.97fps 2087 Kbps Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 1411Kbps File size: 2.1 GB

Minets du Quebec

Year : 2004 Country : France / Canada Genre : amateur twink actions, bareback Duration : 1 hour 04 min.

Boys at Work

Year : 2007 Country : Germany Genre : teenagers, european boys, bareback Duration : 2 hours 30 minutes Directed by: Marcel Bruckmann Studio : Man’s art Starring : Ronald Laska, Kriss Stahl, Fabrizio Calabria, Denis Schneider, Dragan Stoikov, Luca Valentino, Pascal Joyeux, Joi Mitchell, Stone River, Aladin Cem, Rivelli Description : Work is hard but it has its rewards as these 11 young men learn to use their tools. The movie shows eleven super hot models at their working places – in a garage, a warehouse and a car wash. In their breaks and after work their sweaty hot bodies get in touch quickly with their working buddies

Medic Men

Year: 2002 Country: Eastern Europe Genre: Anal, Oral, Group, DAP Length: 1:28:29 Directed by: Herve Handsome Starring: Anthony Babona, Attila Acel, Austin Macska, Francois Kagylo, Fred Fele, Gabriel Galad, Luis Celoz, Luke Jarkal, Nicholas Babral, Patrick Kacer, Paul Kabit, Ron Strand, Sandor Sablon, Thierry Golyo Description: In the standard of all the High Octane this one is a bevy of hot, muscular, hung, uncut European boys who have incredible sex for the camera and your viewing pleasure! Fred Fele with his huge dick and Sandor Sablon with his hot body are two among the many hot boys to be sucking and fucking their way through this flick! If you’ve liked other High Octane you’re sure to like this one … Video: DivX 5 320×240 25.00fps 594Kbps Audio: PCM 44100Hz mono 352Kbps Size: 650 Mb File size: 650.6 MB

Leather Weapon (2006)

Year: 2006 Genre: Oral/Anal Sex, Muscle Men, Fetish, Feature, Leather, International, Safe Sex, Double Anal Penetration Duration: 01:38:26 Director: Roland Dane Studio: Studio 2000 International Cast: Andrew Szakal, Christian Keller, Gabor Szeles, Gabriel Lantos, Gabriel Prince, James Jordan, Janos Kovacs, Josh Lovas, Julian Vincenzo Leather Weapon is a resplendently rough and raunchy from Studio 2000 and director Roland Dane. Hot on the heels of John Travis’ fantastically far-out Fucked, Leather Weapon is another tale that explores the dark and dangerous world of kinky leather sex

Home Movies (1990)

Year: 1990 Genre: Classic, Pre-Condom, Masturbation Duration: 01:06:57 Director: John Stevens Studio: Bijou Cast: Chet Williams, Kiko, Chris Cairns, Billy Flynn, Danny Morgan, Jim Clayton, Michael Keenan, Kyle Scherzer, Tommy Dianna, Donald Major Home Movies is basically a bunch of unrelated loops.

College Cum Junkies (2010, Raw Boys)

Year: 2010 Country: European Union Genre: Bareback, Oral / Anal Sex, Raw, Big Balls, Twinks (Young Meat), Rimming, Threesomes Length: 1:22:22 Directed by: Adam Collins Studio: Raw Boys Starring: Joshua Finley, Julian Tomlinson, Nick Daniels and more … Description: A full review of College Cum Junkies will appear here soon. Excellent video, amazing actors! Video quality: DVDRip Video Format: AVI Video Codec: XviD Audio Codec: MP3 Video: Xvid 688×384 29.97fps 2143Kbps Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128kbps File size: 1.3 GB

A Few Good Men

Year: 1983 Country: United States Genre: Gay, Military Length: 1:12:00 Description: Produced by Al Parker and directed by Steve Scott, “this film wins the prize for best treatment of two common gay porn themes: the repressed sexuality of an all-male military setting [including authentic costumes and underwear] and the thin line between fantasy and reality. Scott’s style is at its most poetic, in both image and sound