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Before getting

Release Year: 2002
Studio: Aaron Lawrence Enterprises
Video language: English

Before getting to know the models intimately himself, he lets the viewer get acquainted, sharing likes and dislikes through a translator. He keeps the mood refreshingly cheerful with playful banter and genuine enthusiasm. It helps that the seaside resort bedroom is decorated like a midway with mirrors, fabric walls, colorful bed decor and flashing colored lights.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:36:00
Video: 448×336, XviD, 874kbps
Audio: 31kbps

File size: 699.1 MB

Dirty Fuck At Army

Release Year: 2013
Cast: Colby Keller (играет офицера Wallace), Conner Habib, Jake Cruise (играет роль доктора Harley), Andrew Justice, C.J. Parker, Dale Cooper, Dylan Roberts, Joe Parker, Rich Kelly, Shay
Genres: military theme, uniform fetish, muscle/gymnast body, hairy, unshaven, hunks, group sex, oral, rimming, anal, cumshots
Video language: English

"Drop ’em soldier! The men of Joe Gage’s Armed Physical are always strong, always brave and always ready!" Featuring Conner Habib, Dale Cooper, Andrew Justice and many more muscled hotties.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:35:41
Video: 960×540, DivX 4, 1570kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.9 GB

Interracial fuck with burly men

Release Year: 2013
Cast: Ben Statham, B.J., Black Bull, Jeff Grove, Josh Ford, Michael Makavale, Rocco Banks, Thierry Lamasse, Tony Greco, Vladamir
Genres: Oral, Anal, Rimming, Muscule, Black, Old, Group
Video language: English

Some burly men love the feel of hot, raw, man meat inside them and the feel of gooey hot cum up their holes. Ben Statham takes on two massive dicks, while B.J. and Vladi take it in turns to flip-flop fuck and Rocco takes a pounding from his boyfriend Thierry Lamasse. Michael and Michael Makavale are real life lovers too and fuck up a hot, condom-free-frenzy, before jizzing all over the floor.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:57:54
Video: 720×416, XviD, 905kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 950.2 MB

Raw Orgy With Muscle Firestarters

Release Year: 2005
Cast: Fernando Nielsen Gabriel Lantos George Caesar Giovanni Floretto James Jordan Johnny Huzosh Karlos Kampona Leslie Balfek Tom Long
Genres: Anal, Oral, General Hardcore, Condoms
Video language: English

It is no secret that Dane has been turning out one hard-on heavy hit after another with each and every title loaded with the hottest hunks the Euro-scene has to offer. Dane has an exceptionally keen eye for shining the spotlight on the most fab faces, powerful physiques, protruding pricks and bold bubblebutts in the jizz biz.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:24:30
Video: 576×432, DivX 5, 1836kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 1.2 GB

Raw Orgies With Viral Loads

Release Year: 2014
Cast: Blue Bailey, Steven Richards, Drew Sebastian, Brad McGuire, Noah Paris, DJ, Drake Corrigan, Element Eclipse, Corey Bengal, Dayton O’Connor, Logan Stevens, Leon Fox, Jaxon Jones, Anthony Bartkus, Pete Summers, Nick, Jack Hammer, Rad Matthews, Austin Shadow
Genres: Bareback, Oral/Anal Sex, Orgy, Rimming, Muscle, Cumshot
Video language: English

Mansex is a virus, one that uses men as its host. Some try to resist it. Others embrace it as the source of life and meaning. We live to breed the sex-virus, to pass it on to every random anonymous dude we meet and fuck. It’s how we reproduce, man. We shoot viral loads every time. Our jizz ain’t for making babies. Our sex spreads like wildfire, squirting out of one man’s dick, shooting deep inside another, then another and another.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:30:52
Video: 720×406, DivX 5, 830kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

Voll Anal

Release Year: 2017
Studio: gerMEN
Genres: Deep Throat, Sperm Eating, Sperm Sucking, Bareback Sex, Muscled Guys, Rimming, Monster Cocks, Verbal Humilation, Outdoor Sex, german men, fetish
Video language: English

Full anal that the motto for our men. Big german dicks getting sucked by slutty bottoms.
Raw suck and fuck action is program.

Format: mov (QuickTime)
Duration: 1:12:08
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 7129kbps
Audio: 1500kbps

File size: 4.5 GB

Rough anal blockbuster

Release Year: 2001
Cast: Carlo Kovarik, Daniel Palffy, Josef Sladek, Ladislav Pekar, Lubo Kurnikov, Michael Kozec, Patrik Levaj, Rafael Carreras, Reno Hacek, Zdenek Vesper
Genres: Anal, Oral, International Cast, General Hardcore, Condoms
Video language: English

Most popular exclusives such as perfect-peckered Ladislav Pekar, blond, bottom-babe Josef Sladek, and brunet beauty Daniel Palffy have never been more cumbustible. Extra special attention must be given to Spanish exclusive Rafael Carreras a pouty, provocative beauty with dark eyes, fuck-my-face lips, and a mane of tousled dark hair. His massive meat, thick, long, full of cream, and surrounded by curly pubes, is forever roaring and ready to rock. The rest of the cast comprised of Patrik Levaj, Lubo Kurnikov, Zdenek Vespar, Reno Hacek, Carlo Kovarik and Michael Kozec prove once again that Studio 2000’s Czech-Mates are all in a carnal class by themselves.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:29:29
Video: 720×540, AVC (H.264), 1941kbps
Audio: 91kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

Jet Set Men – The F Word

When a homophobic TV series actor angrily calls his co-star a faggot in the middle of a busy make-up room, all hell breaks loose. It seems the actor in question is really just venting his professional insecurity, his sexual frustration, and his desire to have sex with another man. That’s the starting point of this backstage story of love and lust in the world of series TV.

Before the credits roll we see Penn Hicks (Jesse Santana), a young and aggressive gossip columnist from SNAP! Magazine, an Enquirer-type publication. He is on a cell phone with his secret studio contact, letting him know that he desperately needs some juicy dirt.

Homophobic actor Paul Kessler (Andrew Justice) blows up at Bryon Edwards (Braxton Bond) just as Jody Anderson (Jason White), Bryon’s closeted gay lover, himself a successful actor on a rival network series, arrives to have lunch with him. In a squabble over cuts and added lines, Paul angrily calls his co-star a faggot and storms out of the room. It’s lunch time, and everyone takes off. Everyone that is but Jody and Bryon. They are more interested in having each other than something to eat.

Format: m4v
Duration: 1:47:54
Video: 960×640, AVC (H.264), 1956kbps
Audio: 124kbps

File size: 1.6 GB

Cadinot – Nomades – Bazaar Hotel

Twenty years after Harem, Lucas travels to the modern Maghreb where friendship and sensuality are one and the same thing.In the spirit of North-South exchanges, Europe sends its young to work in North Africa with the goal of transforming a riad in to a multi-ethnic arts centre; a kind of rural lodge where many students live together. Lucas, a young Frenchman, sets off from Marseilles to spend his holidays in the country of A Thousand and One Nights. Without much money, he travels in last class. On the boat, he meets Karim, a young traveller returning home, who owns a little hotel close to the souk in the capital’s medina. He offers to let Lucas stay in his luxurious cabin, introducing him to arab hospitality and local customs. Twenty years after Harem, 17 actors show us the modern Maghreb where friendship and sensuality are one and the same thing.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 2:03:57
Video: 720×392, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 2.8 GB

Beine Breit

Release Year: 2018
Studio: gerMEN
Genres: Kissing, Sucking, Rimming, Ass stretching, Fucking, Hard fucking, Post orgasmic sucking, Post orgasmic rimming, Cum eating, Snowballing, Deep throating, Slapping, Outdoor Sex, Bareback
Video language: English

Leather hunks in fetish action. Our amateurs are into bareback sex, hard fucking, pumping,
electro and rubber fun. Enjoy our german studs and see them fucking, sucking and cuming.

Format: mov (QuickTime)
Duration: 1:15:52
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 6655kbps
Audio: 1500kbps

File size: 4.4 GB

Perfect Summer Orgies

Release Year: 2015
Genres: Anal, oral, group, gangbang, orgy
Video language: English

Watch these muscle men sucking and fucking in amazing summer orgies! Excitatory film, with elements of hard animal sex with hot partners!

Format: avi
Duration: 2:27:21
Video: 700×400, XviD, 1752kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 2.1 GB

Coolest twinks fucked by big cocks

Release Year: 2009
Cast: Levon Meeks, Lucas Sky, Gabriel Kelly, Brendan Tyler, Jason Creed, Camden Christenson, Kaiden Ertelle
Genres: Anal/Oral Sex, Cumshot, Sucking, Big Cocks, Twinks
Video language: English

Watch these horny boys sucking and fucking bareback! Levon asks with his puppy eyes and he can’t resist; he hands him a lollipop… and his huge lollicock! Watch until the end when Levon lets out a big cumshot while taking Brendan’s big cock deep in his ass!

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 1:36:13
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 218kbps

File size: 4.2 GB

Gangland Fuck With Street Cocks

Release Year: 2013
Cast: Adam Shades., Alex Barrie, Chris H, Daniel Rogers, Faster Cat, Joey Knight
Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Group Sex, Big Dick, Pissing, Spanking, Facial Cumshot, Masturbation
Video language: English

David Mogsy is the local gang boss. He runs a tight crew and anyone who gets out of line gets whats cumming to them- namely, his big fat cock up their arse! When the Mogsys get fucked over, with some stolen trainers the shit hits the fan and every gangsters arse in town is in danger of getting shafted! Post code wars? If you cum on David Mogsy’s patch you’ll get more than a good kicking! Don;t mess with the Mogsy’s in Gangland Cock!"

Format: avi
Duration: 2:53:25
Video: 1280×720, XviD, 1464kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 2.0 GB

BoyFun Collection 2010 Pack1

Release Year: 2010
Genres: Solo, Masturbation, Fetish, Sex Toys, Kissing, Oral Sex, Rimming, Tea Bags, Fucking, Anal Sex, Facial, Group Sex, Twinks, Outdoor
Video language: English

The Boyfun Collection is an affirmation, exploration, and celebration of the many kinds, shapes, and colors of the Boy Next Door – and of the limitless facets and dimensions of human sexuality that each of them reflect. While our stunning models possess a youthful sexuality and sometimes an almost adolescent freshness, all of them are always at least 18 years of age or older at the time of photography.
The web site that stands before you includes powerful videos, stunning images and incindiary text, rich with vivid and graphic depictions of sexual passion so exquisite that they may carry you away: You are not likely to remain unaffected by their raw intensity and unmatched beauty. We don’t believe that anything that lies beyond this page is obscene – we don’t think you’ll disagree with us – and, to the contrary, what we invite you to view with us is an exciting and stimulating world of beauty and sex, of conquest and submission, of wordless rapture and sublime delight, all emerging from a very basic and natural drive within us. The vivid power of our imagery impels the conclusion that it is likely to offend or disturb some sensitive persons – and we recognize that such power carries the potential of harm to minors. Accordingly, it is necessary to limit access to what lies beyond this page to those who can do so legally and who otherwise satisfy our conditions for access to our site.

Total size: 14.8 GB in 46 files.

Gangbang Fantasy By Kristen Bjorn

Release Year: 2008
Cast: Carl Wilde Carlos Montenegro Daniel Marvin Darren Robins Erik Demko Etienne Cendras Gustavo Arrango Hugo Martin Jean Franko Marko Brenos
Genres: anal, oral, international cast, general hardcore, condoms
Video language: English

We present 27 of the world’s hottest men, the wildest sex, buckets of cum shots, and state of the art production values. This new tongue-in-cheek fantasy farce by Kristen Bjorn is guaranteed to take you over the edge time and time again!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:38:39
Video: 720×540, AVC (H.264), 1755kbps
Audio: 91kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

Bareback Sex With Best Euro Hunks

Release Year: 2003
Cast: Adam Longo Attila Hun Daniel Halasz Dom Camillo Gabor Hunter Giovanni Floretto Lajos Bekefi Maxim Ivanov Peter Balogh Peter Bizanci Rafael Carreras
Genres: anal, oral, international cast, general hardcore, condoms
Video language: English

Euro boys suck, fuck and rim their buddies, and don’t miss the face splattering loads. It is hard to believe what these males can do with their cocks and asses!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:26:32
Video: 720×540, AVC (H.264), 1950kbps
Audio: 91kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

I Fucked Your Boyfriend

Release Year: 2013
Cast: Matthew Rush, Damian Taylor, Landon Conrad, Connor Patricks, C.J. Parker, Darla Crane
Genres: Anal/Oral Sex, Big Dick, BlowJob, Muscle, Hairy, Kissing, Rimming, Tattoos, Masturbation, Cumshot
Video language: English

When a middle-aged bear learns his collegiate boy has "come out" to his girl, he finds himself overwhelmed by complex emotions he doesn’t understand. It only gets worse when Damien asks to bring home his hot, new boyfriend Connor Patrick for winter break. Terrified by the sudden awakening of his own latent homosexual desires, Mr. Rush discovers he feels a forbidden attraction for sweet, blonde lover.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:19:56
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 3904kbps
Audio: 184kbps

File size: 4.1 GB

Ultimate orgies with big dick

Release Year: 2014
Cast: Julio Duran, João Pauzão, Lajos Czene, Juan Jimenez, Marcelo Lars, Rodrigo Ferrais, Jean Franko, Julio Cesar, Jesus Moreno, Roberto Machado, Valerio Fernandez, Sandor Vesanyi, Ferenc Botos, Foot-Long Sean (a.k.a. Sean Davis), Dex Brown, Rafael Alencar, Lui
Genres: Compilation, Big Dicks, Group Sex, Anal, Oral, Cumshot
Video language: English

Amazing gangbang collection of group scenes with the hugest hung studs the studio has ever worked with! There are 18 red-hot scenes each with huge cock action, and gallons of cum! Enjoy!

Format: mp4
Duration: 3:53:25
Video: 720×480, AVC (H.264), 1874kbps
Audio: 161kbps

File size: 3.4 GB

Active Duty – Battlefield Threesomes Part 6

Cast: Alan B, Arlington Jones, Johnny B, Logan Lane, Marc Montana, Ryan Jordan, Spencer Laval

Marc Montana and Spencer Laval take turns blowing Johnny B II’s big dick since he’s the one that is going to be fucked today. It’s one mission for the books as Marc mounts up and pushes his throbbing cock into Johnny’s bare ass. They all kick back on the bed on stroke one another till Spencer Laval gets the sudden urge to start blowing Ryan Jordan’s big hard cock. Logan Lane watches on and soon enough Ryan has his mouth wrapped around his throbbing dick. Arlington Jones loves to wear boxer briefs because of the snug feel as he walks around in public. You can see his huge bulge through the boxers and once he takes them off, his big hard cock is ready to roll. Alan B’s dick is rock hard and when he stands up, we can see his firm legs and ripped abs. He’s relaxed as he swings his cock around showing off all his sexy goods.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:48:29
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 5840kbps
Audio: 184kbps

File size: 4.7 GB

European gangbang festival with hottest studs

Release Year: 2014
Cast: Josh Taylor, Balthazar, Bruce Jordan, David Esten, Freddy Wolfe, Lincoln Gates, Luca Bondi, Matteo Valentine, Martin Puli, Will Ride, Yuri, Ray Dalton, Jeff Stronger, Anton Dickson, Enzo, Priam, Sam Porter, Leoman, Christian Matthews, Nick Peyton
Genres: Anal, Oral, Bareback, Hardcore
Video language: English

Unreal gangbang action will make your cocks hard and your holes quiver. If there is one thing we have in Europe, it’s uncut cocks. We bring together some of the hottest studs Europe has to offer, including muscle bears!

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:30:28
Video: 854×480, AVC (H.264), 1961kbps
Audio: 153kbps

File size: 2.3 GB