Casting Couch Vol288 Kaja Kolomaz, Daniel Benda


Video language: English

After a chilly day of sightseeing Kaja and Daniel decide to head back to the rented flat and heat things up. Kaja releases Daniel’s hard uncut cock and begins working it over with his hot mouth. Daniel is enjoying the warmth of a hot mouth wrapped around his cock so much that he takes matters, or should I say Kaja’s head into his hands and begins deriving his own pleasure. Kaja quickly jumps on top of the bed so that Daniel can have easy access to his straining cock. With his balls filling up fast Kaja begins face fucking Daniel’s hot lips. Daniel is in need of some deeper heat and mounts Kaja’s rigid cock. Daniel rides Kaja’s cock until it is buried deep within his tight ass. Kaja wants to go deeper so he puts Daniel on all 4’s and starts the deep penetration from behind. Daniel gives up his ass as Kaja continues to penetrate and pump him deeper and harder. Daniel’s tight ass muscles have forced Kaja’s heavy balls to explode his creamy load all over Daniel’s ass. Daniel quickly releases his hot sticky load and both men are feeling the pleasures of a full day. There is much more to sightseeing then national monuments and parks, make sure your next sightseeing trip is well rounded.

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