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Russian Straight Guys Gets Blowjob
Vadim Black is back in our studios. The newbie’s fans are yelling in joy at the high-pitched sound of a squeal. Paul Canon is next to him, with a fanbase equally passionate. The cameraman is curious about the origins of the name. Vadim was born and raised in Russia. He is asked a few questions about his past. "Did your childhood include hatred for us?" "The United States," asks the cameraman. The Russian history class didn’t cover that subject, so I didn’t know much about America," the newbie replies with the most sexy smile on the planet. Vadim’s Russian heritage is not known by the cameraman. Why? The reason is that the lad doesn’t fit the image of Russians that the cameraman has created in his head. The cameraman says that most Russians are robotic and emotional. The composer of Symphony No. 6 in B-minor, Op. Pathtique, 74, would doubt this assessment. But why not split hairs over stereotypes!

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Duration: 18:37
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