Boy For Sale – The Boy Serg – Chapter 1 – The Grooming


Release Year: 2023
Studio: Boy For Sale
Cast: Serg, Master Kamp
Genres: cum, dildo, fingering, gay, kissing, solo, wanking

Boy Serg made his appearance in front of our Buyers Group in a less-conventional way than normal. He had caught the eye of one of our Buyers when he was out by the roadside begging for money and, with well-behaved and well-practiced motions, his mouth made its way onto our cocks like he’d already gone through our usual process. Fortunately for us, his wallet is consistently exhausted—we found him again in the same spot, and found that he was ready to give his body for our cause. I bring the poor, broke boy back to be properly groomed for the rest of our Buyers. I can see he’s nervous as I navigate him into the black room where I can examine his body with no distraction. He’s wearing shorts and a thin white tee that exposes his hard nipples. I peel his shirt off, feeling those nubs between my fingertips. He breathes heavily, his nervous tension leaving and being replaced with submissive desire. I put more pressure on his erect nipples to encourage this correct response. Every curve of his muscular body is highlighted by the dim light in the room. I lay my large hands all over his chest and back, feeling the smoothness of his hairless body as my own cock starts to grow. I can tell his nipples are a sensitive spot as I go back for more; he can’t seem to control his moaning as he leans into my own muscular build. His cock is bursting out of his thin underwear, ready to be freed and given the attention it so desperately needs. But not yet, I determine. Instead, I turn him around to get a closer look at the ass he will be giving up to our Buyers. It pleases me to see his smooth bubble butt, which will make a fine addition to any of our Buyers collections. I give a good slap, and consider which toy I will be using to split what I am certain is a needy hole. I lay him down on the table and spread oil all over his back and down the crevice of his ass. I grip the table and bring his hole towards my lubed-up finger. As I enter him, his moan grows into uncontrollable howls of pleasure. My fingers find the walls of his hole. The animalistic pleasure I can hear in his moans give me confidence that this boy’s hole will be used over and over again and both parties involved will be satisfied. I stroke his pulsating cock with one hand while I continue to enter him with my other. His hard dick can’t grow anymore solid as he moans on the table. I start to massage his large testicles, knowing they are churning, producing the cum that’ll soon be burst out of his throbbing cock. I command him to get into missionary position and ready his hole for my glass toy. His cock and hole glisten with oil as he puts himself into position, his dick still twitching with anticipation. His moaning comes back full force as I enter him with my toy. It’s twice the size of my finger that was inside his hole only seconds before. His eyes roll back. He strokes his cock vigorously. I pick up the pace with my toy, entering that beautiful oiled up boy hole with ease. The glass cock fits so perfectly inside him. I pinch his nipples, and thrust the toy into him faster, harder. His stroking takes no break as he jerks that throbbing cock of his while I twist and turn the toy inside him. He can’t take much more. His face breaks into euphoria, and his cock bursts with thick ropes of cum. As I fuck him harder with my toy, I can almost feel his hole vibrating through the glass. The orgasm slows, and the rest of his load drips out of his cock. I massage the cum into his stomach and chest, eventually leaving him there to lie in the afterglow of being one of our new submissive boys. The Buyers are already lining up to see this boy’s hole for themselves. What a sight they’ll have; it won’t be long until he’s being used by one, or more, of our many potential Buyers.

Format: mp4
Duration: 33:12
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 7777kbps
Audio: 310kbps

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