Bandit and Scuba


Genres: Ass-Eating ,Big Dick ,Black-Only ,Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing) ,Gay ,Raw/Bareback
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To celebrate our much-anticipated return after a long and difficult pandemic year, we’re bringing back bba’s #1 model in his very own series starring more returning fan favorites and even a couple fresh faces. We recently reunited with some of our favorite guys at a tropical getaway that we nicknamed "bandit’s beach house." our goal was to celebrate a return to "semi-normal" and enjoy some good, old-fashioned bba fun. When we asked our viewers to tell us which comeback scenes they most wanted to see, this was one of the pairings at the very top of the list! Scuba was giddy with excitement about his first encounter with bba’s most popular "gay for pay" model, and it definitely shows in this scene. I don’t think i’ve ever seen scuba’s dick get this hard, and of course it’s hot as hell seeing bandit’s pretty lips stretched wide open as he tries his damnedest to stuff that thick tree trunk down his throat. It’s not long before scuba’s eyes are rolling into the back of his head as he relishes this "royal treatment" from the king of bba himself. But the real question on all of our minds was this: with almost a dozen bottoming scenes now under his belt, was our sexy straight boy from the ‘hood ready for the challenge of his thickest dick since trying (and failing) to take manny’s monster a few years ago? We honestly didn’t know the answer to that question, but once again our dicks were rock-hard in anticipation of watching him try! Savor the thrilling sight totally unthinkable just a few short years ago of bandit grunting and cursing and moaning as his tight little hole gets stretched open and pounded by one of its biggest dicks yet! There’s even some rare, thrilling footage of bandit riding that raw dick like the brave champ he’s become! Of course we desperately wanted to see scuba return the favor, and he was initially open to giving it a try. But one look at bandit’s intimidating baseball bat in person, and he understandably ran screaming "hell no" in the other direction! A porn dream for another day, i suppose..

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