Apprentice Rivers Ch.1: Felix Kamp & Marcus Rivers (720p,1080p)


Cast: Felix Kamp, Marcus Rivers
Genres: Solo, Masturbation, Jerking Off

’ve wanted to join the ever since I read about it in a dusty old book I found in my ’s attic. I was instantly intrigued. The book must have been a hundred years old and was filled with all sorts of mystical symbols. I sneaked the book home with me and searched for some of the more bizarre phrases from it on the internet. Most of the searches yielded nothing but pages of absolute nonsense, but when I started to look more closely, I realized I’d stumbled upon some sort of secret code which took hours of obsessive work to crack. Apprenticeships are rare. Candidates for apprenticeships are carefully vetted. Only those who fully yield to the process succeed. Asking questions would instantly lead to dismissal… I eventually found the contact details for a gatekeeper, and then, over a period of weeks, I received emails filled with somewhat intrusive questions. Eventually I was told to report to a secret location. I was to tell no one where I was. It all felt incredibly exciting and it wasn’t until I was on the train heading to the secret location that I started to feel anxious. On one hand, I’d been chasing this intriguing, mystical dream for months and months, but on the other, I had no idea who this group actually was.

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